Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Paintball Gun

So you’d like to buy a paintball gun –what do you need to know? First, paintball guns are also called “markers.” The purpose for the term “marker” is based on the idea that the paintball gun is merely meant to mark a player, and the term “marker” sounds less violent.

There are a few ways that you can start narrowing down the list of paintball guns that would be good for you.

Price. First, you could narrow down the list of paintball guns that are right for you by price. For example, if you don’t want to spend over $200, your price limit would exclude a wide number of high-end paintball guns.

Type of paintball game. Second, you could narrow down the list of people guns that are right for you by the type of paintball games that you enjoy playing. for example, if you enjoy speedball, which is also called xball, you would eliminate various scenario or woodsball paintball guns.

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Other factors. The last part of your decision relates to other factors and features that may be of interest to you personally.

Consider the appearance of a paintball gun. Do you like the style? Do you like the color? do you want to color to blend in with your environment (camouflage)?

Consider how rapidly the paintball gun shoots. Can you just the speed settings? This is often required for speedball tournaments. Can you switch from automatic to semi automatic easily?

Consider the size and weight. Is it easy to carry? Can you shoot it with one hand if necessary?

If you’re buying the paintball gun for scenario paintball, there are a number of guns allowing you to customize the painful gun’s appearance that you may want to consider.

Conclusion. There are many great paintball guns on the market. You can buy them used or new. If you want a cheap paintball gun, consider buying one on eBay. If you want a new paintball gun, you will find the best paintball gun prices online. If you’re new to paintball you may want to go to a paintball store so you can touch and feel the paintball guns. However, I suggest you write down the model of the paintball gun you are considering at the paintball store and buy it online because it will be much cheaper.

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