Does Paintball Hurt?

People who are considering playing paintball often ask whether paintball hurts. That is, does it hurt to get shot by a paintball gun?

That depends on whether the paintball hits your clothes and the distance of the shooter. Most of the time, being shot with a paintball doesn’t hurt. In fact, many players don’t even realize when they have been shot because the paintball hits their clothing.

But if the paintball is shot at bare skin at close-range, you will definitely feel it.

Bare Skin

If the paintball is shot at close range and makes direct impact with your skin, it will hurt. If you are shot by a paintball gun at close range, such as 10 feet away, and it hits bare skin, you will get a welt or bruise. If the paintball gun is 150 to 300 feet away, you will probably get a red mark or small welt.

Contact with Clothing

If a paintball is shot at you and it hits your clothes, you might not even feel it. However, if the paintball gun shooting you is only ten feet away, and you only have on a thin t-shirt, you will probably get a red mark or slight welt.

How to Play Pain Free

You can’t get hurt by a paintball shooting at you if you have thick or baggy clothes on. Depending on the temperature, paintball players often wear a t-shirt and sweatshirt or jacket. Wear a couple pair of paints if you are worried about the pain.

You deserve to know that most paintball players do not mind the impact of being shot unless they are hit on the neck, ears, or face. That skin is sensitive and often exposed, so be sure to wear proper equipment. Of course, you should always wear a paintball mask or goggles to cover your eyes.

Industry Standards for Paintball Gun Projection

You should also know that paintball gun manufacturers have adopted standard limits to the power of their paintball guns so that they don’t penetrate skin.

Under this standard, paintball gun muzzle velocities have a limit of shooting 300 feet per second (91 meters per second). Speeds above 300 feet per second is considered unsafe if the person being shot is a short distance away.

Video of Paintball Shot on Bare Skin

To see a video of a guy getting shot buy a paintball gun at close range on his bare back, I have the perfect video for you. Near the end of the video, you can see the bruises or wounds caused by the paintballs. Of course, this type of behavior is not advised, but its what a few college students felt like doing one night.

Watch the paintball bruises video.

Other Ideas?

If you have any other suggestions for playing pain free, add a comment here.

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