Cool Paintball Tank or Nerd Paintball Tank?


This miniature version of a real battle tank shoots paintballs and actually can be driven by one person.

This is the Funtrak Mini Paintball Tank, a scaled down version of the classic war machine. I’m not sure if it should be considered cool or instead, the ultimate nerd machine.

This paintball tank features a paintball cannon that fires while driving. It comes in six colors and can be used by anyone over age 15.


Unfortunately, the tank’s $14,000 price tag puts it out of range for most paintball players. Besides, anyone with that kind of money should consider one of the RAP4 paintball guns, which would certainly do more damage.

Although, you must admit that the glass reinforced plastic chassis and the fact that only the driver’s face is showing would prevent most paintballs from hitting the driver. Of course, that would be seen by most players as an unfair advantage.

It seems to me that this tank wouldn’t be much use in paintball because it takes away all the fun of the game. Second, everyone could hear you coming, assuming the engine makes enough noise. This tank seems better for kids, but since the manufacturer suggests you be 15 years old to drive it, kids can’t enjoy it either.

In conclusion, I give this paintball tank a thumbs down.

But if you are so inclined, you can bring $14,000 and buy the mini paintball tank here: Buy the Mini Paintball Tank.

Check out videos of the mini paintball tank here:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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