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The new A1 Fly paintball gun has been released by Angel (aka Angel Sports / WDP). The A1 Fly is a professional grade gun, with a pricetag of $1,195. You can buy it here.

Is the price worth it? Maybe. There is no question the A1 Fly is a great paintball gun. It’s better than most paintball guns on the market. But I’m not sure any paintball gun is worth $1200.


Paintball Pros will Love the A1 Fly. Of course, if you are Stockholm Joy Division or some other professional paintball player, you’ll love this gun. At that level, having a paintball gun at this performance level can give you an edge over the competition. But even a high performance paintball gun can help people who don’t have the skill to use it.

Overall, this is a terrific paintball gun. It’s smooth, fast, and high quality all around. Some people might not like the “look” of the design, but design is always an issue of personal taste.


Angel A1 Fly Features

What makes the Angel A1 Fly so good? Check out these features and improvements over previous Angel models.

The Angel A1 Fly is Reliable – This marker was thoroughly field-tested by Stockholm Joy Division during the 2007 NPPL and Millennium tournaments.

The A1 Fly is Lighter – WDP Angel designers and engineers attempted to remove as much material as possible while preserving the Angel A1 Fly’s structural integrity and innovative design.

The A1 Fly is Faster – The Angel A1 Fly has a quicker cycling speed because its lighter hammer reacts faster than previous models.

The A1 Fly has Decreased Operating Pressure – The Angel A1 Fly is even more gentle on paint.

The A1 Fly has Higher Efficiency – The Angel A1 Fly can do 1800 + shots per 68 cubic inch due to the all new Magno Valve.

The A1 Fly has Less Recoil – The decreased recoil time is the result of the A1 Fly’s lighter hammer, which helps reduce reciprocating mass.

The A1 Fly has Improved Accuracy – The A1 Fly’s lighter hammer results in considerably less recoil and increased accuracy.

The A1 Fly has Better Traction Control – The Angel A1 Fly’s all new fly paper creates even more stability. It has an improved feel and touch in wet greasy conditions. The Fly has replaceable inserts in the important gun/player interface areas.

The A1 Fly has Zero Lateral Trigger Movement – The A1 Fly has an all new trigger and trigger retention mechanism. The innovative super-lite blade style trigger incorporates the standard Angel 4-way adjustability and the new mounting mechanism that results in absolutely zero lateral movement.

The A1 Fly has a New In-Line Regulator – The Angel A1 Fly features a standard thread regulator mount. This allows players to easy access the regulator internals during servicing and maintenance.

The A1 Fly is Soft on Fragile Paint – The Angel A1 Fly has a completely re-designed valve system. The Magno Valve uses magnetic repulsion to assist in valve closure. The benefit is simple: lower pressure operation. Add to this the incredible KISS Technology and the Angel A1 Fly can shoot more fragile paintballs than any other paintball gun available today, says Angel.

The A1 Fly has a Re-Designed Micro-Arm Lever Lock Feed Tube Clamp – The Fly has a re-designed micro-arm lever lock feed tube clamp that is lighter and smaller, and it is much less likely to be accidentally snagged open.

The A1 Fly has a Composite Barrel Tip – The A1 Fly’s composite barrel tip is extremely light, with an extremely accurate composite barrel tip by Sly.

The A1 Fly Comes with 3-Piece Eye Cover Straps – The 3-piece eye cover straps are color-coordinated with the paintball gun you select. A1s did not previously include these.

Angel A1 Fly Video

This video of the A1 Fly doesn’t tell you a whole lot, but it let’s you see the Fly in action.

YouTube Preview Image

rasta-side-profile.jpgBuy the Angel A1 Fly

Ready to fork out $1,195 for superior performance on the field? Buy the Angel A1 Fly online here.

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