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  • Best Paintball Markers 2022

    This week’s best paintball marker video comes courtesy of Tony of Lone Wolf Paintball. He’s not a brand rep, so his list isn’t in any specific order. Rather, it’s just the best paintball guns out there, period. In this episode, he covers the Spyder Victor, Tippmann 98 custom platinum series, and Azodin Kaos II. Spyder…

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  • The Best Paintball Pistol 2022

    The Best Paintball Pistol 2022

    Having a good paintball pistol adds another level of thrill and excitement to the game. In the event that you get shot by another player, your pistol will serve as a backup weapon. Moreover, having a good paintball pistol also adds a strategic element to the game. Tippmann TiPX You’re looking for a paintball pistol…

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  • The Most Accurate Paintball Gun

    The Most Accurate Paintball Gun

    When choosing the best paintball gun, there are a few different factors to consider. There are pros and cons to each type of gun, and you will need to decide which type of paintball gun is the best for you. If you’re an expert, there are some advantages to having a center feed paintball gun…

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  • Top 10 Paintball Hoppers

    Top 10 Paintball Hoppers

    A paintball hopper is a container that holds paintballs that can be fired into the air. There are different types of hoppers available, and some can feed as many as 20 balls per minute. There are also sound activated hoppers, which trigger a release mechanism every time a paintball is fired. Fast feed rate A…

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  • Stealth Paintball Tactic Barrel Tag the Enemy Team

    Stealth Paintball Tactic Barrel Tag the Enemy Team

    Barrel tag is a stealth paintball tactic. It involves a person sneaking up behind you and tapping you with a barrel. This tactic is dangerous and requires good stealth. To survive the barrel tag, you cannot turn around and fire; instead, you must raise your marker and quietly leave the field. This tactic is designed…

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  • How to Tell If Your Paintball Tank is Empty

    How to Tell If Your Paintball Tank is Empty

    If you have a paintball tank, there are a few different signs that it’s empty. If the tank is empty, you may throw it out. After all, it no longer poses a danger. But if you’re not sure what to do with an empty tank, it’s worth asking your paintball supply store. They might be…

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  • Why Do Paintballs Expire?

    Why Do Paintballs Expire?

    If you haven’t already noticed, paintballs can expire after a while, or even break. Some brands of paintballs become more fragile as they dry out. In these cases, it’s better to use the paintballs that still work. Other reasons why paintballs expire include dehydration and sun damage. Silica-gel does not preserve paintballs Silica-gel is not…

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  • How to Fix a Jammed Paintball Gun

    Jamming can cause havoc with your paintball guns. There are a variety of different ways to clear a jam, including cleaning the barrel and replacing an O-ring. These methods are recommended when the paintballs are all the same size and shape. If the paintballs have expired or are stuck in the barrel, it may be…

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  • How to Get Paintball Out of Clothes

    How to Get Paintball Out of Clothes

    There are a couple of ways to get paintball stains out of your clothes. The first option is to pre-treat the clothes before washing them. You can use a pre-treatment stain remover, a stain brush, and a pre-treatment wash cycle. Pretreating clothes before washing Pretreating clothes before washing is an important step in removing a…

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