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Do I Need a Cup for Paintball?




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A common question about paintball involves whether or not you need a cup. The answer is yes, but there are some risks involved. Some of these risks include erectile dysfunction, numbing of the penis, and even infertility. This article will explain what you should know before you wear a paintball cup.


A medical diagnosis of infertility begins with a complete medical history and a physical exam. Your provider may order blood tests to test for hormone imbalances or other health conditions that could affect your fertility. He or she may also look for genetic problems. It is also important to disclose any previous insults to the penis or testicle, such as radiation, infection, or physical trauma. In addition to these facts, you should include a history of any medications or drugs you may be taking.

Numbing of the penis

Numbing of the penis with sex cups is a common practice among paintball enthusiasts. It can occur due to several factors. In some cases, trauma to the genital area causes the blood vessels to become damaged. Instances of this include playing sports, bumping into the corner of a cabinet, or receiving a blow to the genital region. Some men also experience this condition as a result of masturbation, vigorous sex, or use of a penile pump.

If numbness develops, it is a warning sign of other problems. Some of these problems can be easily remedied, while others may require medical attention. If numbness is accompanied by other symptoms, such as pins and needles, a cold feeling, or a change in color, it may be a sign of a more serious problem.

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