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How Much Does Airsoft Hurt Compared to Paintball?




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If you’re thinking about trying airsoft out but don’t know what the pain potential is, here are a few things to consider before you go. One of the most important factors to consider is distance. The longer the distance from the gun to you, the less intense the shot will be. Another factor to consider is cost. You can expect to spend a lot of money on paintball guns and accessories, but airsoft guns are far less expensive.

Pain potential of airsoft vs paintball

Airsoft and paintball both involve a certain level of pain resulting from the projectile’s impact. However, the intensity of the pain depends on the amount of energy and distance between the shooter and the target. In both sports, the distance between a shooter and the target reduces the intensity of the pain.

Both paintball and airsoft use pellets that travel at high speeds. As a result, the impact may result in a stinging sensation or welts. However, paintballs are much larger and carry more energy than airsoft BBs. Therefore, it is important to consider the impact of a paintball before taking part in airsoft.

Paintball is the more popular of the two games. Players use paintball markers to shoot at each other. The paintballs are plastic pellets that are painted in different colors. The goal is to hit the target with enough force to cause the shell to crack, indicating that the paintball has hit a player. If you’ve been hit by a paintball, you must disengage from the game field to avoid further injury.

Distance at which you’re hit reduces the energy of the shot

When the shot from an airsoft gun hits you, the energy of the shot is reduced by the distance you are from the shooter. This is due to the physics of how an object loses kinetic energy as it travels over distance. This is the same principle that applies to paintballs. The longer the distance between the shooter and target, the lower the kinetic energy will be.

The closer you are to the shooter, the more the shot will affect your skin. In an airsoft game, getting shot at point blank range can cause a stinging sensation and even bleeding. However, if you’re 50 feet away from the shooter, the shot is much less painful. A 300 fps airsoft gun shot from 50 feet away will cause a welt and some pain, but will not cause severe damage.

Cost of airsoft vs paintball

Airsoft is more expensive than paintball in the early stages but it becomes more affordable as you go along and upgrade your gear. However, airsoft gear can cost several hundred pounds. Paintball gear can also be quite expensive. You can save a significant amount of money on gear by skimping on certain items like co2 canisters, shitty eye pro, Tippman markers, gravity feed hopper, and paint.

The cost of paintball can be a determining factor in which sport you choose to play. Paintball is expensive because paintball ammo is expensive and easily depleted. In contrast, airsoft guns are rechargeable and don’t require gas to run. However, paintball players must regularly buy gas for their CO2 tanks.

Fortunately, paintball has fewer reported injuries than airsoft. Paintball is more tactical and fast-paced. It also depends more on the individual player’s skills than realism. While paintballs can cause a bruise, airsoft pellets can last for a longer time, and with proper protection, can hurt a lot less. In addition, airsoft has more varied equipment, including paintball guns, pistols, assault rifles, and sniper rifles.


One of the main differences between paintball and airsoft is the amount of pain involved. While paintball can hurt your hand, airsoft will sting your finger or ear. However, you can minimize pain by wearing protective gear and clothing. In fact, you should consider wearing several layers of clothing while playing airsoft.

Both paintball and airsoft have different types of projectiles. Paintballs are larger and have a much larger impulse than airsoft pellets. Consequently, a paintball will hurt you more, although the airsoft pellets will cause minor bruising.

Both games cause pain, but the extent of pain will depend on the type of gun you choose. Airsoft guns shoot plastic pellets that range in size from 6mm to a couple of millimeters. The pellets carry between 1.48 and 2.07 joules of energy. When they hit your skin, they can feel like shards of glass. Fortunately, you can protect yourself against most of the damage caused by airsoft pellets by wearing a safety helmet.

Although paintball can be quite painful, it’s a fair and fun game. In comparison, airsoft is a much more realistic and forgiving sport. It requires patience, strategy, and group dynamics.

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