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How Much Paintballs Are Enough?




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Whether you’re playing two-hour games with friends or a day-long game with a team, you’ll need to bring a sufficient supply of paintballs. Here’s how to make sure you bring enough: First, make sure you keep track of how many paintballs you use per game. This will make sure you don’t run out of paintballs before the game ends. Second, keep the paintballs that you’ve used for later reference.

Bringing more than you think

When it comes to paintball, you need to bring more than you think you’ll need. The amount of paintballs you need to play a game will depend on several factors. You can buy extra paintballs at the paintball field or you can bring extra paintballs with you. To make sure that you have plenty of paintballs on hand, consider carrying more than you think you’ll need onto the field and putting them in your paintball vest’s pocket.

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