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There are a variety of ways to fill a paintball tank. There are specialist paintball stores and hobby stores that can fill your paintball tank. You can also visit local paintball sites or scuba centres to refill your tank. Here are a few things to remember: Remember the gauges.

Refilling a paintball tank with an air compressor

If you want to refill your paintball tank with air, you should know that paintball tanks are different in size. For example, a paintball tank made of aluminum may only need three hundred PSI while one made from carbon fiber may need four hundred PSI. As a result, using a low-pressure pump to fill the paintball tank will not work.

To refill a paintball tank, you will need a high-pressure air compressor. A regular air compressor will not work since it doesn’t have the PSI rating that a paintball tank needs. Fortunately, there are dedicated air compressors made just for paintball tanks. These compressors will fill your paintball tank to the appropriate PSI level, and they are easy to use. They also have auto-shut-off features when the paintball tank is full. If you decide to refill your paintball tank yourself, make sure to wear gloves and protective eyewear.

First, disconnect the hose from the fill nipple. Once disconnected, place the air hose on the table. Remember to label your paintball tank. It may have markers that indicate if the paintball tank is made of CO2 or HPA. If the tank is for CO2, then you cannot use it on a HPA paintball gun. Otherwise, it will damage the gun.


When you’re looking for a paintball tank adapter, you want to make sure it meets your specific needs. You’ll want it to fit in your specific area, have an attractive design, and have useful features. Then, you’ll want to make sure it has a long lifespan. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that won’t last for long.

The fill adapter allows you to use an cga-347 valve to fill a paintball tank. This type of fill adapter does not include a one-way check valve, which would make it difficult to unscrew the fitting. Instead, it comes with a check-valve and a bleed valve.

The Soda Stream filling adapter is another option that will allow you to fill a paintball tank with CO2. This adapter is made of brass, and will fit a SodaStream unit. Once installed, you can refill the tank with CO2 at any gas supply store or sporting goods store. It’s a great way to save time and money while on the field.

HPA vs CO2 tanks

There are a few major differences between HPA and CO2 paintball tanks. One major difference is the amount of pressure the tanks can hold. CO2 tanks have a much higher maximum pressure than HPA tanks. Therefore, HPA tanks are better for high-performance paintball guns. Additionally, HPA tanks are much cheaper to refill than CO2 tanks, and you can fill them on the field without a compressor.

In addition, HPA tanks can be regulated to different pressures. This makes them safer for end users to fill, while CO2 tanks are not. Many paintball fields offer free refills for their players when they buy an entry. The downside to CO2 refills is that you have to pay for delivery and additional labor when switching fittings and filling the tank. That’s a big cost for the average player.

CO2 tanks need to be filled before you use them. You can fill them from a sports store or from a paintball field. Some sporting goods stores will fill your CO2 tank for you, while others may only refill HPA tanks. When you use a CO2 tank, you should be careful not to fill it with compressed air or any other gas.

Keeping an eye on the gauges

When filling a paintball tank, it’s important to be sure that you don’t overfill it. Many people fill paintball tanks too quickly, pressing the lever just when the tank is full. This causes compressed air to be released in a burst and causes the gauge to rise rapidly. This is called a “hot fill” and is extremely dangerous for the paintball tank. Additionally, the rapid release of air can cause the tank to lose pressure.

In order to avoid overfilling a paintball tank, keep an eye on two gauges: the air compressor’s gauge and the gun’s pressure gauge. Make sure that both gauges move in the same direction, and always follow the paintball tank filling instructions. Also, make sure that you’re not pressing the air compressor’s lever too hard. The wrong pressure may cause an air burst, which could end up in a paintball accident.

Keeping an eye on the paintball tank gauge is particularly important if you’re going to be filling the tank frequently. This is because the pressure gauge can drop if the tank isn’t being used. It’s also a good idea to turn off your air compressor and check the bleed valve, as this will release pressure and prevent the paintball tank from overfilling.

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