How to Fix a Jammed Paintball Gun

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  • Date: October 19, 2022
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Jamming can cause havoc with your paintball guns. There are a variety of different ways to clear a jam, including cleaning the barrel and replacing an O-ring. These methods are recommended when the paintballs are all the same size and shape. If the paintballs have expired or are stuck in the barrel, it may be time to replace them. Unscrewing the barrel or CO2 tank is another way to clear a jam. Alternatively, you can use a push pin to push the paintball out.

Blocking or clogging the breech

If you are having problems shooting your paintball gun, you may need to adjust the ram to release it. The ram has several components that are responsible for cocking the gun. When it is set correctly, it should push the bolt back into the breech when the hammer is fully extended.

A bolt in the breech engages a gas valve mechanism. This mechanism allows a relatively high-pressure propellant gas to enter the barrel. The paintball is then launched. A jammed paintball gun may not function correctly because the valve is blocked.

The valve consists of a 4-way solenoid valve and a ram. The ram moves forward and backward and controls the bolt assembly 36. The bolt assembly closes the breech chamber after a time interval V5 that may vary from five milliseconds to 30 milliseconds.

A paintball gun jam prevention system that operates only when the paintball gun is fired is known as an automatic paintball jam prevention system. This system is simple and rugged, and has the added benefit of reliably preventing paintball jams.

Cleaning the barrel

Cleaning the barrel of a paintball gun is an important part of paintball gun maintenance. A clean barrel improves the accuracy and durability of the paintballs shot. It is also important to clean the paintball gun barrel regularly to prevent rust and corrosion. To do this, use a squeegee and a swab.

The first step in barrel cleaning is to rinse the barrel with warm water. If you notice any specks of paint, remove them with a squeegee and dry it thoroughly. You may also use a toothbrush to clean the inner parts of the gun. You can also use lubricant for the o-rings to ensure a good seal. Finally, wipe the paintball gun barrel with a towel.

Once you’ve cleaned the barrel of your paintball gun, you can reassemble it. Always make sure to follow the owner’s manual when cleaning the gun and putting it back together. You should also remove any damaged parts before reassembling the gun.

Replacing the O-ring

Replacing the O-ring on t a paintball gun can be a simple procedure. However, it is important to use the right tools. You’ll need a screwdriver or pick, lubricant, and an o-ring socket. You’ll also need a 70 or 90-durometer o-ring.

First, you’ll need an Allen wrench. You can find these inexpensively at Lowes or Home Depot. Next, you’ll need to remove the bolt. This will release the hammer from the gun. You can also remove the Valve Assembly Retention Screws.

The next step is to check the O-rings. Check the owner’s manual for instructions. If they are worn, it is time to change them. Changing the O-rings is essential because it can affect the performance of a paintball gun. Make sure to lubricate the O-rings before putting it back together. After lubricating the parts, reassemble the gun to see if you have any problems.

O-rings are essential to the functioning of paintball guns. They prevent air leakage and cushion the recoil. Proper installation and repair of an o-ring will ensure the safety and performance of your paintball gun.

Adjusting the velocity

If your paintball gun is jamming, one way to get it to shoot is by adjusting the velocity. This can help the gun to fire more paint without bursting the breech. To do this, open the gun and check the spring. If the spring is too weak, replace it. This can make a big difference in the velocity of the paintball. Also, a stiffer spring will push the paintball higher.

Changing the air pressure can raise or lower the velocity. If the gun is above 300 FPS, you might need to cut off one or more of the main spring coils. Unfortunately, most after-market spring kits come with too long a spring. So, it’s necessary to measure the length of the main spring.

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