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There are several ways to build a paintball gun. These include pump-action, electro-pneumatic, spool-valve, and overbore. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Before you start building your own gun, learn about the different types and how they work.


Pump-action paintball guns use a pump mechanism to fire paintballs. These types of paintball guns are often more expensive than their semi-automatic counterparts, but they have many benefits, including greater accuracy and stability. These guns are often used by professional paintball players, who prefer the accuracy and stability they provide.

One of the biggest benefits of pump paintball guns is their reduced weight. Because they are lighter, they require fewer paintballs and cartridges. Because they are also more durable, pump paintball guns can be used for a long time. They can be easy to store and maintain.


Electropneumatic paintball guns are very similar to pneumatic paintball guns except for the fact that they use an electromechanical solenoid to propel the paintballs. These guns have similar advantages and disadvantages but are somewhat weaker than their pneumatic counterparts. They are more sensitive to the effects of roughhousing and water and require more care.

These guns are pneumatically powered and are designed to fire paintballs. They consist of a valve and bolt assembly. The valve directs the flow of air and paintballs into the marker chamber. The valve and bolt assembly may be separate components or built into the gun’s bolt. Some have an external chamber while others have an integral chamber.


In making a paintball gun, a spool-valve is used to control the amount of air that is supplied to the paintball gun. The valve is a spool that has an input opening on one end and two outgoing openings on the opposite end. The latter are connected by a longitudinal bore and a pair of O-ring seals.

The Spool-Valve is a great option if you want to save space and add some functionality to your paintball gun. This type of valve has a very compact profile and shoots very quietly. The only downside is that they don’t use a CO2 tank and can’t be as gas-efficient as other types of paintball guns. Smart Parts’ Ion is an excellent example of a spool-valve marker, while others include the Empire Mini, the Planet Eclipse Etha, and the GOG eNMEy.


Overboring a paintball gun has a few benefits. It makes the paintballs roll out more easily. It also means that paintballs will not crack inside the barrel, a key factor in maintaining consistency. While some players swear by underboring, it’s usually best to overbore a paintball gun for maximum accuracy.

Overboring a paintball gun is possible with an autococker or pump paintball gun. These paintball guns use an autococker or pump mechanism that forces the paintball into the barrel. The problem with this design is that the paintball can roll out of the barrel. Underboring prevents barrel rollout. Open bolt paintball guns, on the other hand, don’t have this problem.


Overboring or underboring a paintball gun can affect the accuracy of the ball when shot. Overboring can make the ball travel more slowly or cause it to break in the barrel. Underboring can also make the paintball less accurate, so having the right bore size is essential for achieving the right aim.

Ideally, you should choose a paintball gun with a bore that matches the paintballs. This will improve accuracy and efficiency. A better match will make it easier for the paintball to exit the marker without breaking. First, you will need to put the barrel insert into the barrel. Next, you will want to place a barrel cover over the tip of the barrel.


If you are considering purchasing a paintball gun, you should know the differences between bolt-action paintball guns and automatic paintball guns. The main difference between these two types of guns is the cocking mechanism. During cocking, you must pull the bolt towards the hammer and then push the two together. This will release the paintball.

A bolt-action paintball gun is the most accurate type of paintball gun. These guns deliver paintballs at a high velocity, so they are perfect for accurate long-range shooting. These paintballs have less arche than other types of paintballs, so you’ll need to aim higher to compensate for this.

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