How to Solve Common Issues With the Angel A1 Fly

  • By: scott
  • Date: October 19, 2022
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The Angel A1 Fly is a top-rated vape pen from Angel Vapor. It’s lightweight, with a reduced recoil and less mass reciprocating with each shot. Its smaller profile also provides a more precise shot. It’s also more convenient for long-term use with its ergonomic grip and OLED screen. However, users may encounter some problems with the Angel A1 Fly. Here are some tips to solve the most common issues with this pen.

Problems with Angel A1 Fly

Some people are finding that their Angel A1 Fly is not firing correctly. This can be due to a number of factors, including the way the machine is set up or the HPA tank it uses. Luckily, there are several ways to fix your Angel A1 Fly without purchasing a brand-new unit.

First of all, make sure the gun is in good working condition. If you notice any signs of wear and tear, contact the manufacturer to repair it immediately. You can also try cleaning the gun by following the manufacturer’s instructions. If the paintball gun has overheating or low pressure, you should check its regulator. The new Angel A1 Fly features the Magno valve, which uses magnets instead of springs. This valve provides lower-pressure operation and is quieter than the standard A1.


The trigger has introduced a new low-pressure platform (LP) marker, the Angel A1 Fly. This is the first low-pressure marker to use a non-LCD readout. It was initially equipped with an HP solenoid, which proved unreliable as a power source. However, the company revised this solenoid for the 2004 model in order to fix this problem. It also includes a new Magno valve, which utilizes magnets instead of springs to provide an accurate reading. This is comparable to a high-end spool valve.

This model is currently available for sale on Craigslist, and is powered by a 9-volt battery. It is recommended to look for a working Angel A1 Fly for sale, but be aware that prices can go up very quickly. You should make sure that the Trigger A1 Fly is in good condition.

OLED Screen

An OLED display provides instant feedback and easy-to-use adjustments to the settings of your marker. During normal use, the screen displays a number of useful information, such as battery level, current fire mode, eye status indicator, set Maximum Rate of Fire and peak actual ROF. This means you’ll never be left in the dark. The screen also provides a number of additional features, such as customizable boot screen images and customizable settings.

The A1 Fly is a three-bore gun with a low-rise clamping feed neck and low-profile foregrip. It features a primary regulator and a low-pressure regulator in the lower chambers, while the bolt is in the upper chamber. The gun also has a LED screen and an electronic board with a USB port. Its sleek look makes it one of the more attractive guns on the market today.

Magno Valve

The Angel A1 Fly Magno Exhaust Valve Assembly Pack is a great way to upgrade the exhaust on your A1 bike. The Magno Valve uses magnetic repulsion to help close the valve, which reduces recoil and operating pressure. This system also includes a three-piece eye cover strap that matches the colour of the bike.

Other features of the Angel A1 Fly include Sly carbon fiber tip, Fly Paper grip inserts, standard threaded vertical regulator adapter, and an adjustable Magno valve. This valve uses magnets instead of springs, which makes it quieter than the A1 and comparable to high-end spool valves.

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