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The Dye Rotor R2 Black follows in the tradition of the most radical innovation in paintball loader technology. The Dye Rotor R2 fuses simplicity with mind blowing feed rates, reliability and the industries first capacity flexibility.

Through both professional player input and customer feedback, our engineering team meticulously reconfigured and reengineered the Dye Rotor R2, to pioneer the next advancement in loader technology.

The Rotor R2 includes a revolutionary patent pending highly innovative multi capacity shell that allows the user to choose between 200 or 260 round capacity on the fly, without the need for additional shells, parts or tools.

The Rapid Release patent pending lid is the fastest and most intuitive quick change lid system on the market, allowing for effortless changes between Dye Quick feeds and Traditional polycarbonate lids.

The Dye Rotor R2’s large mouth design opening, is 15% larger than its predecessor and ensures that your loading procedure is quick, efficient and effortless. The Dye Rotor R2’s new circuit board logic, provides an industry first patent pending Reload Alert System. 

In addition the new patent pending electronic Dynamic Force Control, insures that your Dye Rotor R2 energy drive, spools up to provide initial consistent power regulated feeding, while also providing a gentle power control on paint when needed.

Trusted quality and proven consistency have made the Dye Rotor R2 platform the number one choice in loader technology among paintball players worldwide.

The Dye Rotor R2 was created to make the next advancement in loader system technology, providing the competitive player, loader performance that needed to win.  The new Dye Rotor R2 is the choice of champions!

Dye Rotor R2 Dimensions and Specs

Adjustable Ball Capacity: 200/260 Paintballs

Get ready for some action-packed shooting games with the Dye Rotor R2! This 200/260 ball capacity, highly durable paintball loader features locking clips that can be tilted to offer more or less paintballs. Constructed of long-lasting rubber, aluminum and sturdy plastic, you’ll definitely enjoy this game changer on the field.

The Dye Rotor R2 is a great, affordable entry point to the Dye family. It’s a sturdy rubber, aluminum and plastic loader that has a nice capacity for 200 or 260 round paintball capacity which makes it a very solid choice for an entry-level loader.

Lid With Integrated Rapid Release Safeguard System

Push to rotate the lid which it’s pushing up the dye. Push the spinning lid to change the colors. Rotate the lid to spin the colors! Flip magnetic base to spin the lid WITHOUT ever having to remove the lid.

Create different combinations to get a great design! Rotate Rapid Spin with Lids The best experience with dyeing is here! Lid with integrated Rapid Release Safeguard System with easy push to achieve color change

• Tool-Less Disassembly

Dye Rotor R2 is exactly what you need for super-fast disassembly! It comes equipped with the innovative “tool-less” mechanism that allows you to disassemble barrels without adding any type of contamination to the gun.

The process is easy and supremely comfortable, with the user only needing to slide the upper and lower piece of the product apart with your fingers. It like it’s had a blast on the paintball field, and is now sporting some battle scars.

One of the greatest features of this paintball gun is the built in shroud that helps protect paintballs from breaking.

The necessary repairs can be made with some paint and a Dye Rotor R2. Prepped for a fresh start, Dye Rotor R2 can be used in a variety of different settings in the paintball field.

• Reload Alert System

The Dye Rotor R2 is equipped with a reload alert system. This system will alert
you when your hopper is low on paint and it is time to reload. The Dye Rotor R2 gives you a progressive alert as you deplete the Dye Rotor R2’s paint level.

The Dye Rotor R2 will beep twice when you have fired 96 paintballs, and three times when you have fired 144 paintballs. Once you reload your hopper, press the alert reset button and the Dye Rotor R2 will start tracking your paintball consumption again.

You can reset the ball consumption monitoring system at any point in the ball count cycle, simply by pressing the reset button. The reload alert system will
start each time the hopper is turned on. 

If you choose not to use the reload alert system, you can let the hopper perform its first count cycle and then not press the alert reset button.

Or you can choose to turn the sound off by turning off dip switch #2, located on the bottom of the gear box.

• Active Power Conservation

• Low Power Indicator

• Dynamic Force Control

The R-2 operating system limits the drive force each time the motor is activated for a short period of time. This limitation of force is done in order to prevent excessive force applied to the ball stack.

The dynamic force control allows the drive spring and motor to drive the Rotor Carousal independently. Once the tension is released from the drive spring, the motor takes over as the main diver.

The R-2’s smart operating system prevents both drive spring, and motor from driving the Rotor Carousal at the same time. This provides a softer, more consistent drive force, and eliminates excessive force on the paintballs.

• Adjustable Drive Spring Force

Introducing Dye Rotor R2 which is the latest model of the Dye Rotor Series with features to make it more durable for extreme use.

The specially developed drive springs with five different springs provide more options for customizing the performance of the product

• Improved Feed Reliability

Sound and LED Control

Because there are many different formats and styles of play, the R-2 allows
you to turn the sounds and/or LED light off and on depending on your

The R-2 comes from the factory with both the sound and LED
light on. Both sound and LED are controlled by the dip switches mounted
on the bottom of the gear box.

Dip switch #1 controls the LED light. Turn the LED light off by flipping Dip switch #1 to the off (down) position. Dip switch #2 controls the Sounds.
Turn the sound off by flipping Dip switch #2 to the off (down) position

• Positive Feed Live Hinge Tray

  • You are able to manually adjust the Drive Spring tension. Adjusting the tension of the Drive Spring will increase or decrease force applied to the paintballs. Too much force and you risk crushing paint in the feed stack. Too little force and you will risk paint jamming.
  • Use a 1/8” Allen wrench to make any adjustments. The drive spring adjustment screw is located at the rear of the gear box.
  • The drive spring adjustment screw is set at the factory flush with the back of the gear box. It is not recommended to turn the screw more than two full rotations in either
    direction of the factory setting.
  • To increase the spring tension, turn the screw clockwise. To decrease the spring tension, turn the screw counter clockwise.

• Power Supply: Three AA Batteries

• Feed Rate: 52 Balls Per Second

• Weight: 1.3 Lbs (Empty, without batteries)

• Dimensions: 4.75”H X 8.5”L X 4.25”W

Battery Installation

1. Remove the R-2 Loader from your marker.
2. Empty all paintballs from the R-2 Loader.
3. Remove Top Shell, and Tray/Window component
4. Install batteries into battery holder. Pay attention to
the + and – symbols.
5. Use Velcro strap to secure batteries in place and
prevent batteries from coming dislodged during
6. The R-2 has a low battery indicator built in. The
R-2’s LED will flash red if the batteries are low and
need to be replaced.

Capacity Adjustment, Rapid Release Safeguard System

The R-2 gives you the freedom to switch between high and low capacity. You can choose between 200 ball and 260 ball capacity at any time without the need of tools or spare parts.

To adjust the Top Shell from the low position to the high position simply push the Top Shell Slide Button to the left, and lift the rear of the Top Shell.

Once the Top Shell is in the high capacity position, release the Top Shell Slide Button. The slide button will return to its center position. The Top Shell is now locked into the High Capacity position.

Rapid Release Lid Operation

The R2 benefits from the new rapid release safeguard system. This system allows you to change between lid and quick feed at a moment’s notice depending on your playing needs.

Lid / Quick Feed Removal

1. Open the lid.
2. Push forward on the release button, located on the top of the hinge arm.
3. Lift lid away from Top Shell.

Lid / Quick Feed Installation

1. Position the lid in a fully open position.
2. Place the spring arm in the spring retaining groove.
3. Line up the cross pins with the cross pin guides and press down.
4. The cross pins will snap into place, locking the lid into the Top Shell.


Remove Top Shell
1. Push, and hold Top Shell Slide Button to the right.
2. Push the rear of the Top Shell up until it clears the
Tray/Window Component.
3. Once the Top Shell is clear of the Tray/Window Component
push the Top Shell forward to release the front locking

Remove Tray/Window Component and Rotor Carousel
1. Unlock the two center locking tabs by sliding them rearward.
2. Depress the two rear locking tabs and pull up on the rear of
the Tray/Window Component.
3. Pull the rear of the Tray/Window Component upward.
4. Rotor Carousel can now be removed from the bottom shell.
1. Rotate the two red locking tabs inward.
2. The gear box may now be removed from the bottom tray.
3. There is no need to disassemble the gear box.


Install Gear Box
1. Make sure the jam release trigger is in the forward
2. Place the rear edge of the gear box under the retaining
ledge at the back of the bottom shell.
3. Lower the front of the gear box into position.
4. Make sure the gear box is fully seated and resting level
in the bottom shell.
5. Rotate the two red locking tabs over the gear box to
secure the gear box into the bottom shell.

Install Tray/ Window Component
1. Slide front of tray floor under
retaining ledge at front of bottom
2. Lower back of floor tray down until
rear locking tabs snap into place.
3. Slide center locking tabs forward.

Install Rotor Carousel
1. Place the Planetary Gear Assembly on the floor of the bottom
shell. Make sure the outer teeth mesh with the white cheese gear.
2. Install the Rotor Base over the planetary gear assembly. Make
sure the outer teeth mesh with the gray main drive gear.
3. Install the Center Rotor arm. The Center Rotor arm should only
rotate counter clockwise 1/2 turn. You should feel constant spring
tension while rotating it.
4. Install the Upper Rotor. The Upper Rotor should sit level on the
rotor base. The Upper Rotor should only rotate1/2 turn

Attach Top Shell
1. Secure front locking hook.
2. Push, and hold the Top Shell Slide Button
to the right.
3. Make sure slide button tabs align
with guide paths at rear of Tray/Window
4. Lower Top Shell until it engages with
Tray / Window Component, make sure
the tongue and groove mate up properly.
5. Once engaged you may release Top Shell
slide button.
6. Press Top Shell down until slide tabs lock
Top Shell into lower playing position.


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