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While the Empire Axe Pro builds upon the already great platform of the Empire Axe, it also sports some key upgrades, as well as a completely different looking body style.

The first thing that jumps out to you when you hold an Axe Pro for the first time, is definitely the greatly improved ergonomics of the gun. The front grip has been smoothed and rounded out compared to previous editions.

The pistol grip also saw a slight change to improve the comfort. The Pro comes with a redline OLED board standard, which is a great upgrade over the stock board.

The OLED board features joystick navigation, and can be used to change settings on the fly.

Empire is also looking to protect your investment with an all new weatherproofing system, designed to keep your electronics dry.

Accuracy is key in paintball and the Axe Pro comes standard with a two piece Driver XX barrel.

The new Empire Axe Pro will change your life. Empire’s R&D team has worked hard to create a great marker. This is a battle hardened axe that can take a hit.

The updated bolt removal system is game changing. The trigger guard helps players move fast without having to worry about the marker.

Empire Axe Pro FEATURES:

Pressure controlled poppet engine for proven, reliable performance

The Axe Pro is competition ready out of the box. Check out the 16” .681 bore barrel that is installed with break piston technology. This is designed to break paintballs easier for increased efficiency and less chops.

This board is fast running with the 12” max-frame size, improved performance.The Axe Pro also features the 7” square shot surface. This is to minimize bounce backs so you can face any tough shot square on.


Externally serviceable, break-beam anti-chop laser eyes

the Empire Axe Pro offers extreme visibility, accuracy and game-changing performance.The Empire Axe Pro is the ultimate choice for all competition players.

It has an external serviceable break-beam anti-chop laser eye system, extreme visibility, and game-changing performance.This is what pros need to dominate the game.

Shockwave board offers multiple adjustable firing modes (Semi,

Ramp, Burst, Full Auto)

The latest gadgets always impress and take off the market with awesome ratings. We’re talking about Empire Axe Pro which has awesome firing modes.

Shockwave board offers awesome adjustable firing modes including Semi, Ramp, Burst, and Full Auto. Modern and awesome, this is must have for awesome missions and awesome missions.

Relay™ venting ASA regulator with On/Off lever

The Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun is the latest paintball gun product on the market. Empire stands out amongst the other famed paintball gun companies for their technology and reliability.

The Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun is available this year which is different than any other year. The Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun’s Relay™ venting ASA regulator with On/Off lever helps players regulate.

Wrap-around foregrip with micro-texture for non-slip protection from the elements

Are you tired of carrying your heavy paintball gun? Have you given up on heavy paintball guns because they are just too much to carry around? Well, the Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun is just what you need.

Shed your heavy load and get this great machine. It is easy to carry and powerful enough to get you back to the base with glorious victory. Be sure to get yours today, because this deal won’t last.

Foregrip accepts the aftermarket drop-in OLED Redline™ board

This cool paintball gun is lighter, yet much stronger than other typical markers. The gun has a nice grip for comfortable handling and because of its strength and LED lights, it has a slight intimidating factor.

The Empire Axe Pro has a Marker-Voice activated board coming standard. You can also upgrade your trigger to include a Mock Suppressor and it’s the only time you’ll use the word “upgrade” and “paintballs” together

Push button bolt removal system for tool-less engine maintenance

The Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun makes it so easy to maintain your paintball gun. Simply press the button – it takes the bolt right out.

All of the gun’s parts locking together so it’s perfect fit, the clear feeder tube so you don’t miss any shots at game time because your paintball jammed, and the flushing system that cleans out leftover paint before you take that 180. Might as well be the toy of any paintball player’s dreams—and for this

Lightweight and accurate Driver XX two-piece barrel

An Empire Axe Pro paintball gun is lightweight and accurate. It is ergonomically shaped for your comforts to minimize any discomfort when in use.

This gun also has one piece barrels which are high teched. It shoots paintballs, which come out really well because the pneumatic pressure that shoots them is 24 grams.

Superior velocity consistency for shot-on-shot accuracy

For serious paintball enthusiasts, the Empire Axe Pro is the perfect solution for accurate shots every time. See your opponents coming before they do thanks to its superior velocity consistency, the Axe Pro combines the power of an industry standard sized marker with easy to maintain, reliable mechanics.

Even on less than ideal shots, the Axe Pro consistently provides 15 miles per hour of muzzle energy so there is no need to worry about getting outflanked or pushed out before you had the chance to get your game face

Low pressure operation is gentle on fragile paint

The Empire Axe Pro paintball gun is the perfect tool for beginners to utilize in this new modern Empire. Equipped with deadly accuracy, this low-pressure gun is ideal for all paintball shooters.

The perfect tool for painting the whole empire, the Axe Pro fires paintballs at 490 feet per second with accuracy that can be trusted. This paintball gun has reduced operating pressure, making it gentle on the fragile paint, improving shooter longevity. Get ready to take back the empire with today

10% Weight savings over previous the generation Axe

Low Pressure Operation

Single Push button Power Switch

Empire Axe Pro Barrel Installation

1. Make sure marker is degassed, loader removed, no paintballs in the feed port or breech and the
marker is OFF.


2. Slide the longer barrel tip into the barrel back, turning the barrel tip clockwise until it stops
(do not over tighten).


3. While pointing marker in a safe direction, thread the barrel into the front opening of the
marker body.


4. Turn the barrel clockwise (when looking at the front opening) until it stops (do not over tighten).


5. Install a barrel blocking device. This can be a barrel bag or other such device that prevents the
accidental discharge of a paintball


General Maintenance

Keep your Axe Pro clean and lubricated to eliminate the friction that would prevent reliable operation.
Clean and lube the marker before each use, and do not put it away dirty. Only use oils designed for
paintball and they may only be used on the regulator. DO NOT USE OIL ON THE BOLT SYSTEM.

Do NOT use petroleum-based lubricants in the lubrication of this marker. Under any circumstances,
do NOT use a solvent-based lubricant. Teflon or silicone (Non-spray only) lubricants designed for use
on O-rings may be used for lubrication for the bolt area only of the main housing.

Only use Paintball-specific marker grease, such as Empire Vitamin E grease. The following maintenance procedures described below should be performed before each day of use or every 20,000 shots, whichever comes


  • Press and hold the Bolt Guide Release Button, located on the left-side of the rear of the Grip Frame
  • While holding the button, grip and pull the Bolt Guide free of the Body removing the bolt system\


− Slide Bolt and Bolt Spring off of the bolt guide.

− You may pull the Bolt Spring off of the Bolt and clean them both thoroughly

− Use a 3/32” hex wrench and insert it into the back of the Bolt Guide Cap. Turn counter clock wise
until Bolt Guide Cap is completely removed.

− Carefully insert a non-metallic object (like the back of a pen) into the front of the Bolt Guide. Push
Poppet Assembly out the back of the Bolt Guide. (The Poppet Spring may fall out the poppet, do
not lose it)

− Clean and inspect the O-rings on the Bolt, Bolt Guide, Poppet, and Bolt Guide Cap for any wear or
damage. Replace damaged or worn O-rings if necessary.

− Lubricate all O-rings on Bolt, Bolt Guide, Bolt Guide Cap, and ESPECIALLY THE POPPET with
Empire marker grease, the supplied grease or paintball specific marker grease. Only a small
amount is needed.

− Replace the Poppet and Poppet Spring in the rear of the Bolt Guide with the Poppet O-ring and
Spring towards the rear of the gun.

− Using the 3/32” hex wrench, screw the Bolt Guide Cap clockwise back into the Bolt Guide. Screw
the Bolt guide cap all the way in, then turn out 1/2 turn. Further adjustment over a chronograph will
be needed to achieve desired velocity after full reassembly.

− Slide and snap the Bolt Spring onto Bolt, One end of the spring is smaller and will lock onto
the bolt.

− Slide the Bolt and Bolt Spring onto the Bolt Guide

− Insert Bolt System assembly into the back of Body.

− Bolt System maintenance is now complete.


Make sure the Eye Covers are removed from the Body


When installing board back in the main Body, be careful that the Eyes are fed through the slots in the Body.


Place the Eyes into their respective sockets and install the Eye Covers.


Once the board is in place, install the Air Transfer Plate and other marker components

Empire Axe Pro Dimensions and Specs

Engine: Pressure controlled poppet
Barrel: Driver XX 14” Aluminum Ported 2-piece .688
Caliber: .68
Action: Electro-pneumatic
Air Source: Compressed Air Only
Battery: One 9-Volt Alkaline
Cycle Rate: 20 BPS (Semi-Auto only)
Main Body Material: Aluminum
Accuracy Range: 150+ ft
Weight: 2.2 lbs (998 grams)

What’s in the Box? – Brad Pitt

14” Aluminum 2pc Barrel (.688 bore)
Hex Keys
Spare Parts Kit
Barrel Sleeve
One 9-Volt Battery


The Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun was designed as a simple as well as complex as it could be. It offers a lot of potential as well as performance for any player. In fact, many have called this paintball marker a smooth shooting gun. It is quiet, so it does not give away their position, and it also feels good in their hands. There is a lot of potential as well as a lot of performance for this paintball marker.

Empire Paintball has been around for years, decades even. That’s because they produce high-quality guns. Their latest marker is proof. It’s built with the features that paintballers demand for maximum performance. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, because it surpasses anything else on the market.

Empire has been around for years because they know the industry. They know how to make a gun that people need. They know the right features to add to their gun to make it great. Ultimately the question you should be asking is: how would this new feature be advantageous to me? If you ask yourself that question and it excites you.


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