Empire E-Flex Goggle System 2022 [Grey]


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Empire E-Flex comes with the proven Vents quick change lens system and thermo-foam ear pieces from the E Vent paintball mask. Mated it with the flexible skirt of the ProFlex with a little touch of comfy Spectra foam.

The Empire E-Flex lens removes in seconds and the clear, dual pane design provides maximum viewing angle and visual clarity. While the comfortable ProFlex foam assures the most satisfying fit.

The ultra soft and flexible ProFlex style skirt offers excellent breathability and voice projection and has been tweaked to produce a smaller profile. The Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask provides you with maximum comfort, super light weight, superior optics and excellent protection…simply put, the empire e flex goggle are their best work!

Proper Fitting

It is imperative that you properly fit your goggle each time
you wear them. The dual adjustment buckles located on
the headstrap combined with the triple silicone bead
assures secure eye protection retention when properly fitted.

Adjusting the strap is simple:
1. Place headstrap centered on the rearmost point of head.

2. Using both hands pull forward (over eyeglasses if needed).

3. Seat goggle on face so that foam makes contact with forehead and
cheeks and seals around orbital area.

4. Using both hands pull adjustment buckles away from each other
until goggles are in firm contact with face and headstrap is snug
against head.

Cleaning & Caring for Empire E-Flex

Like all eye protective devices, our goggle will serve you longer when properly cleaned and cared for. The following
process should be followed after each use:

1. Following the instructions for lens removal, remove the goggle lens.

2. Use a damp micro-fiber cloth to wipe away any debris from lens and

3. Polish the lens outside with a dry micro-fiber cloth.

4. Do not touch the inside of the lens unless it is
absolutely neccessary.

5. Rinse and dry the frame if necessary. DO NOT rinse the lens.

6. Blot foam until most moisture is removed.

7. Allow goggle to completely air dry (especially the foam) before
putting away.

8. Only use a damp micro-fiber cloth to clean the lens. Keep your
goggle in a protective container to prevent scratching of the lens.

Replace lens after one year of use or anytime the lens is impacted
from less than 10 feet distance.


The goggles feature one of the World’s most secure quick release systems.
To operate the patent pending Lock & Look™ lens retention system
follow these steps:


1. Lengthen headstrap as much as possible by sliding adjusters together.

2. Pull headstrap inside left ear piece.

3. Rotate strap clip –upwards 90 degrees so strap attachment points upward.

4. Remove strap clip from lens retainer.

5. Push lens retainer out from lens with thumb.

6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 with other strap clip.

7. With the goggles facing towards you and resting in lap or on table, using both hands, pull the back
corners of the lens away from the mask.

8. Hold mask with one hand and pull lens up and away from behind nose cover area until lens is removed.


• Lengthen headstrap as
much as possible by sliding
adjusters together.
• Hold mask with one hand
and place lens behind nose
cover area.

• Push lens into goggle frame.
Lens will “snap” into place.
Ensure the lens groove fits into
goggle grooves.

• Press lens retainers into lens retainer
openings on side of lens and through
goggle frame. Ensure that ‘L’ piece is on
Left and ‘R’ piece is pushed into Right side,
both with goggle logo facing up.

• With strap threaded through the
mask’s head strap slot, turn the strap clip
upwards 90 degrees so strap attachment
is pointing upward and slip over lens
retainer and rotate downward until lens
retainer is secured.

• Repeat above step with other end of
headstrap and strap clip.

• Tighten strap to proper fit.


1. Insert the 2 tabs into the long slots, located on the triangular mounting bracket
2. Press on the circular locks until they are thru the holes of the bracket completely.
3. Repeat the process for the opposite side ear protector.


1. Have both left and right edge tabs of the visor go thru the slots on
the mask right above the oval ear locks.
2. Press the 4 center tabs thru the slots on front/top of the mask

Lens Guide

Smoked Lens– Darker, Improved vision on a bright day

Yellow– For cloudy and overcast days. Good for games in the woods

HD/copper – For cloudy and overcast. Higher quality

Mirrored– Similar to smoked, but darker

Lens depends on the climate and where you are playing.

The Empire E-Flex Best Features:

  • Empire E-Flex lens system for rapid lens exchanges without the need for tools
  • Empire’s e-flex system is great for users who want to switch their lens quickly without the need for tools. The lens are encased to avoid the need for tools, but are easy to remove with just your fingers. It is waterproof, has comfortable straps, and good visibility. Empire is a great company and they’ve created a great goggle system with their E-Flex series.
  • Thermal, anti-fog, dual-pane clear lens with zero optical distortion and 270-degree view
  • If you’re on the market for the best thermal, anti-fog, dual-pane clear lens with zero optical distortion promoting the whole 270-degree view, consider Empire E-Flex Goggle System. These goggles are an investment in adventure. These goggles come with dual lenses and a thermal lens with a wide peripheral view.
  • Hypo-allergenic super-comfy Spectra ProFlex face foam
  • The Empire E-Flex Goggle System are designed to offer pros all the out-of-game features they need, including Spectra Pro-Flex face foam that’s hypo-allergenic to make sure you’re running the risk of touching anyone. We also provide Foggy-free technology to keep you seein’ straighter in the heat, while the Antibacterial treatment make sure your equipment always smells fresh.
  • New Empire E-Flex thermo foam ear pieces allow you to hear everything around you
  • Introducing the Empire E-Flex Goggle System, a product with a brand new frame adapted to individual individualized needs so this is the product for any ultimate athlete. Now, with no need to spend loads on gear or upgrades needed, you can enjoy your games with perfect vision and hearing while blocking out the strange smells and sounds on the field with no problem.
  • Ultra soft and flexible face skirt offers excellent breathability and voice projection
  • Illuminate your field of vision with this protector made of silicone. Designed with scratch-resistant ocne shields, this is nothing like your ordinary goggle. The silhouette is unlike any you’ve come across. Get the Empire E-Flex Goggle System today and say bye-bye to your weak hard plastic goggle!
  • Reduced silhouette compared to the ProFlex for fewer hits
  • We all know the hard hits are inevitable in the game of paintball. Don’t let the game take you down with its low shots. The Empire e-flex is the stronger version of the ProFlex to avoid carrying out unnecessary contact with the ball. With the lightweight, flexible low profile fit, you will be ready to take your game off into the next level.
  • Silicone bead to keep the pro style Empire Empire E-Flex strap in place
  • The Empire E-Flex Goggle System is the ultimate first-class goggles. Silicone bead at the headband fits inside the goggle strap. It’s so easy! There’s also a pro-style facial skirt for a perfect fit. Next time you find yourself goggle less!
  • Simply – one of the BEST goggles available
  • A highly flexible and highly protective solution to make sure your head stays happy and warm in style. Empire One-piece E-flex Goggle System is carefully designed and constructed to enhance comfort and visibility. We mould and fit these to ensure no-slip and unparalleled ease of use. With adjustable elastic and Velcro strap for a personal fit, and a hypoallergenic anti-fungal inner nose protector for your nose.
  • SE Model has Smoke lens and grey strap
  • The Empire E-flex Goggle System with SE model is perfect for any player looking for high-quality features without the high-end price. Comes with your smoke lens (Clear Lens available here) with their keyhole nose bridge and their soul patch face seal.


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