Empire Resurrection Autococker 2022 [Dust Black]


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The Empire Resurrection Autococker is a streamlined version of an autococker from the future. Empire has been around for over 20 years and has been one of the leading paintball manufacturers for years.


Their current models of paintball guns are painted matte black and have a sleek design, but the Empire Resurrection Autococker is remade and customized for the players of today.


The Empire Resurrection Autococker has a single slide trigger frame, half block body and traditional front pneumatics. The handle and trigger of the gun is remade and improved with a sleek design and feel.


The Empire Resurrection Autococker has a new and improved block body which has the top and top of the autococker paintball gun. This autococker paintball gun is made out of a heavier material than its predecessor and has a new and improved balance.


The balance is improved and the feel of the gun is improved as well.


The Empire Resurrection is the type of game changer that pro players, old school players, and new school players will all love. Traditionally, players wanting an autococker had to choose between pro game style or traditional game style, but the Empire Resurrection brings the best of both worlds.


Precision mixed with an upgraded autococker reborn. The Empire Resurrection Autococker has the single trigger frame people love with the half-block body they appreciate. It’s an all threaded body with traditional front pneumatics, combining the best of both worlds.


The closed bolt system is one of the best designs for hardcore paintball players. The empire resurrection autococker review has been positive.


The empire resurrection paintball gun with the new autococker will make you one of the best on the field!


At the core of the Empire Resurrection Autococker is a closed bolt design that has been lauded as one of the best, if not the best, design for hardcore paintball players. Empire’s newest gun is a step above the classic Autococker design.


It has the same closed bolt action of the present, all while featuring a redesigned bolt, gripframe, trigger, and other features. You’ll come to realize that the empire resurrection paintball gun is the best on the field. The closed bolt system offers a competitive shooting experience.


The Empire Resurrection Autococker is our best re-entry gun for any player who wants a high torque cocked gun off the break for predictable play. The frame is a weighty 45 frame with a trigger frame and a trigger shoe.


It comes with a wire, a clamping feed neck, a quick strip delrin bolt, weighty 45 frame with a trigger frame and a trigger shoe. It’s got a beavertail for a comfortable grip, as well as

Empire Resurrection Autococker Features:

Closed bolt system for extreme accuracy


The closed bolt system is an innovative and modern approach to shooting that takes into account safety and accuracy. It replaces the old open bolt system, which had a higher safety risk and inferior accuracy.


A closed bolt system means that when you fire the gun, you close the bolt before the bullet leaves the chamber. This provides a safer release for reloads and caught cartridge cases. It also features a higher accuracy and less recoil.


Incredibly stable firing platform


The marker is an incredibly stable firing platform. It has a balance which takes aiming out of the equation, has no resistance to whipping during recoil, and has a dead-on reset.


It’s a combat-proven, gas-operated system that’s accurate and reliable.

Low pressure operation for a soft shot

Low pressure operation for a soft shot with a soft feel and no recoil. It’s the best of both worlds. Technology is often seen as the answer to everything.


A new product is released and it’s quickly touted as the solution to all problems. The inline pump paintball marker is one of the most ground breaking innovations in the industry. Originally marketed for woodsball, it quickly became the must-have item for every scenario and playing style.


14″ Ported, aluminum 6pc Sniper barrel kit for a good paint-to-barrel match that includes: 1-14 in barrel tip and 5 backs (.675, .680, .685, .690, .695)


Looking to buy a barrel kit for your Autococker? Empire Resurrection’s aluminum barrel kit includes a 14″ barrel and 5 different-sized barrel backs; you’ll be able to find a good match for your paint and barrel with one kit.


Easy-to-use On/Off ASA


For whatever game you can think of, resurrect Empire’s reloading time using the Empire Resurrection will give you the quick response you need in speed to start a conquest in a moment’s notice.


Clamping feedneck with thumb adjustment makes installing the hopper simple


Installing a hopper is really easy with the clamping feedneck with thumb adjustment. This eliminates the need for a screwdriver or a hex key.


Looking a a feedneck is a good way to think about the clamping feedneck with a thumb adjustment is really a great improvement on this popular design.


Adjustable LPR (Low Pressure Regulator)


If you are an autococker owner who wants to maximize their efficiency with lower pressure, then look no further. The Empire Resurrection Autococker has an LPR, slide trigger frame with trigger shoe, and is adjustable.


Slide Trigger Frame with Trigger Shoe


One of the few autocockers on the market with a low pressure regulator, the Empire Resurrection Autococker is available in Dust Black.


If you are an autococker owner who wants to maximize their efficiency with lower pressure, then look no further.


Dual soft rubber ball Detents


You can never have too much ball detents when you are in the heat of battle. Empire Resurrection Autococker is expertly crafted with the utmost precision, meaning that this toy screams with intensity.


At the gentle touch of your fingers, you can adjust the speed with rubberized speed adjusters.


Comfortable 45-frame molded, wrap-around grips


You’ll look fabulous with these cool and chic Empire Resurrection Autocockers. The cushioned, wrap-around grips will provide a comfy and exciting paintball experience. All you need to do is purchase these and start competing!


Quick Strip Delrin Bolt


Every paintballer knows the struggle of opening their paintball gun for the first time each time they play. Taking apart and cleaning the bolt and trigger assembly gets tedious and hard to know what you’re doing.


Empire has a solution for you: the Empire Resurrection Autococker Quick Strip Derlin Bolt. With this quick and perplex-free solution, everything is right in front of you and easy to see and do.


What’s in the Box?

• 14” Two-piece Barrel with 5 Backs
• Empire Allen Wrench Set
• Spare Parts Kit
• Barrel Blocking Device
• Quick Start Manual
• CD with Full Manual

Empire Resurrection Autococker Barrel Installation

• Take the Barrel Tip and thread the tip into the chosen back section of the Barrel. Be careful not to cross the threads which can damage them.


• Make sure marker is degassed, loader removed, no paintballs in the Feed Port or Breech and the marker is in “Safe Mode”.


• While pointing the marker in a safe direction, thread into the front opening of the marker body.


• Turn the Barrel clockwise until it stops (do not over tighten).


• Install a Barrel blocking device. This can be a Barrel Plug or other such device that prevents the accidental discharge
of a paintball.


Empire Resurrection Autococker Loader Installation


To install a loader check the Feed Neck and loader to make sure they are free from debris and obstructions.


• Make sure the Clamp Lever is flipped so as to be “Open”.


• Press the loader into the opening of the Feed Neck until it stops.


• Align the loader so that the lid is pointing to the rear and the loader is parallel with the marker.


• Clamp the loader in place by tightening the Clamp Lever; it may be necessary to adjust the clamp using the Thumb Screw


Do not over tighten the loader.


Empire Resurrection Autococker Maintenance


Bolt– Apply a very small amount of grease to the 3 O-rings on the bolt, too much grease can affect marker accuracy.


Hammer– Lightly oil the Hammer.


Trigger Plate– Lightly oil the side of the Trigger Plate and the 3 oval slots in which the screws and Timing Rod go through.


3-Way Shaft– Apply a very small amount of grease to the 3 O-rings on the shaft.


Sear Assembly– Lightly oil the sides of the Sear and the Sear roller bearing.


Ram Assembly– Apply a small amount of grease to all the internal O-rings on the Ram assembly.


LPR Assembly– Apply a small amount of grease to the LPR internal O-rings. Leave the front O-ring on the plunger dry
as that is the Regulator Seal.


HPR Assembly– Apply a small amount of grease to the internal O-rings.


Valve Assembly– Apply a small amount of grease to the 3 O-rings.


ASA Assembly– Apply a small amount of grease to all internal O-rings



This marker feels great feels in your hands. Very well-timed and well-tuned out of the box!


The Resurrection has improved ergonomics to make it more comfortable and smooth. You need to see and experience the rebuild to fully appreciate the difference it makes.

History of Empire Paintball

I’m not surprised that people who never played paintball before were suddenly buying our products, just based on the history.


I’ve always believed that Empire has always had the best everything, which is why it’s no surprise that they also have the best paintball guns.


Empire started out as an imprint of Worr Game Products (WPG), which is one of the oldest paintball companies around. Paintball has actually been around since 1981, which means WPG has had the time to really perfect the game.


We’ve always had other paintball companies trying to keep up with us, but we’ve never had another company beat us. Empire Paintball is legendary for making the best paintball guns, masks, and anything else you could imagine.


I’ve always believed that Empire has always had the best everything, which is why it’s no surprise that they also have the best paintball guns.

What does this have to do with Empire?

WPG was well-known for its series of Autococker paintball guns. WPG got sold several times and had many name changes. The autococker series eventually became Empire paintball with their flagship product, the Empire Resurrection.


The marker would not have survived this many years had it not been a piece of equipment. People love it and they always will! It’s the same gun from back in the day but better!


They took the best parts of the gun and kept them. Then, improved the rest of the gun! The Empire Resurrection Autococker is a legend for a gun. It has been going strong for over three decades. I have a “new” Empire Resurrection Autococker. 


When people see you on the field with the marker they will get scared. They will avoid you because they know that are no match for you and this marker!


Join the resurrection, be a part of history, and win on the field!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an autococker?

An autococker is a closed-bolt semiautomatic paintball marker manufactured

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