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Quick! You can get the latest empire super freak barrel kit. Using the Empire Super Freak barrel makes a consistently accurate shot for your paintball marker.  The sized aluminum inserts fit any ball diameter to create the perfect bore-to-paint match, which equates to less paint breakage, greater air efficiency, and greater accuracy. 

This Empire Super Freak kit includes your choice of barrel tips to create a 14” barrel or 16” barrel and five inserts for ball size matching. The carbon fiber tip ultra lightweight carbon fiber are durable.

A neoprene barrel gear bag protects all your Empire Super Freak aluminum barrels components and easily slips into your bag when not playing. The deluxe super psychedelic travel case makes moving the paintball marker easy.

The Empire Super Freak Barrel is a three-piece barrel that consisting of a front section, a back
section and five sized, aluminum inserts. The inserts are used to match the size of the paintball to
the barrel to create the most accurate and consistent barrel system available.

The threaded sections of the Empire Super Freak have an o-ring to prevent the barrel from vibrating loose when
fired. There are also two o-rings within the Empire Super Freak barrel back to keep the insert from sliding out of the barrel. Replace and lubricate with Empire SL33K grease as necessary.

Empire Super Freak Features:

  • Includes two barrel tips to create a 14” Barrel or a 16” Barrel
  • Barrel Back fits Autococker barrel threads
  • The (5) Freak inserts create the perfect ball match, increasing air efficiency  and accuracy (.675, .680, .685, .690, .695)
  • An included neoprene barrel gear bag for protection, that rolls into a small size to not take up space in the bag

Super Freak Assembly

1. Insert the threaded end of the barrel tip into the open section of the barrel back. 

2. Hold the barrel back and turn the barrel tip clockwise until it stops (Do not over tighten). Ensure the threads are engaged correctly and are not cross-threading which would damage both the tip and the barrel back. 

3. After the tip and back are merged, choose the desired insert size and install into the barrel back.

4. Push the insert all the way into the barrel back until it stops, if installed correctly, the insert should be flush with the back of the barrel. 

Empire Super Freak Kit Barrel Installation

 • Make sure your marker is de-gassed, loader removed, no paintballs in the feedneck or breech, and the marker is turned OFF prior to installing barrel. • While pointing the marker in a safe direction, place the threaded end of the barrel into the front opening of the marker. • Turn the barrel clockwise until it stops (Do not over tighten). 

• Install the included barrel-blocking device. This can be barrel bag or other such device that prevents accidental discharge of paintballs. 

Why Use An Empire Super Freak Barrel?

The Empire Super Freak Kit is needed because paintballs have different sizes. They might change a little based on the climate. The paintball might expand in the heat. Or each manufacturer has their own dimensions. Like shoe sizes, A Nike size 9 is not the same as an Adidas 9. It’s important to have the correct caliber for the perfect game.

The correct caliber will ensure that you are firing the right type of paintball for your marker. You need to know the diameter of your paintball gun. The most common caliber in paintball is .68-inch. Quality is Next to Godliness. To keep that standard in mind, the Super Freak Kit is made of highest quality with durable true to life-like features.

You probably will not notice the size difference but there is one. The barrel kit makes sure everything works smoothly with each other. The kit will keep from damaging a marker. The Super Freak kit is the perfect go-to kit for all your needs. Empire wants you to enjoy your marker for as long as possible.

With the included LP upgrades, you will not worry about any fitting problems. This is a kit that includes all of the upgrades you need to transform your old, gutted out paintball marker to a realistic. With the included components, you’ll have no problems with fitting.

If the paintball breaks then it will break in the barrel. Which is easier to clean. If broken in the marker the paintball might break the gun. Empire has outdone themselves with the freak kit.

With the old kit, if the paintball broke then the barrel would get dirty. With the new kit, the paintball will fracture in the marker, making it very easy to clean. This will also prevent the possibility of the marker breaking.

Some barrels will make a shot quieter. Which will allow players to get more shots off before being seen. Other barrels will add backspin to the shot. The backspin will keep the ball up in the air for a longer period of time.

Empire Super Freak Kit is a special kit that includes an array of parts that will provide a baller with enhanced features for their paintball gun. One of the main features of the Empire Super Freak kit is a barrel that will help to make a shot quieter which will help a player to get off multiple shots before being seen.

There are also barrels that will add backspin to the shot. The backspin will cause the shot to linger in the air for a longer period to give a player a better chance of hitting a target.

How to Know Which Barrel is the Right One?

Put your paintball through the barrel, if the paintball falls right through the barrel is too big. The paintball needs to get slightly stuck. Apply some air pressure to get the paintball out of the barrel.

History of Empire Paintball

I’m not surprised that people who never played paintball before were suddenly buying our products, just based on the history.

I’ve always known that Empire has had the best hardware, which is why it’s no surprise that they have the best paintball weapons. Started as an imprint of Worr Game Products (WPG), which is one of the oldest paintball  companies around. Paintball has actually been around since 1981, which means that the WPG has had the time to perfect their equipment and make it the most effective in the market.

Nobody ever managed to try and overtake them because they were too busy trying to catch up with them. Empire Paintball is legendary for making the best paintball guns, masks, and anything else you could imagine.

I’ve always believed that Empire has always had the best everything, which is why it’s no surprise that they also have the best paintball guns.


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