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The Tippmann TMC paintball marker is for those that like to shoot long range. We have combined several popular options to not only make the Tippmann tmc magfed paintball marker shoot great, but to look awesome as well. We have been selling this setup in our brick and mortar store for a while and it catches everyone’s eye – They all want to hold it and buy it. The Tippmann tmc review has been overwhelmingly positive!

Extremely authentic AR look and feel The Tippmann TMC or “Tactical Machine Carbine” is an AR style paintball marker that is built off the Tippmann 98 platform. This marker is semi automatic and shoots at 25 bps (balls per second). Weighing only 2.5lb with the the stock closed, it’s extremely light weight. The TMC can easily be modified to take on any look or gas, including propane, nitrogen, co2, and green gas. What more could you want out of a paintball marker?

A paintball marker that is styled after the AR Carbine that is extremely authentic with it’s looks and feel. At its lowest weight of 2.5lb with the stock closed, it is unprecedently light. This marker can be modified to take on any look, gas, or what more could you want out of a paintball marker?


magfed paintball marker black

Empire Apex barrel 18 inch

Valken RDA30 red dot sight black

All standard Tippmann TMC parts in box (you get everything a normal TMC has also)

Basics about the Tippmann TMC:

This is the latest of the MagFed markers that is an extremely authentic AR Styled Tactical Carbine Marker! Go MagFed markers or traditional loader and get the best of both worlds in one awesome package. The TMC can be fully accessorized giving the player more unique options for Tactical Games, combining functionality with the world renowned Tippmann reliability for the next standard in MagFed Products.

Installation Instructions

Barrel Blocking Device

  1. Place the barrel blocking device onto the Barrel and position the cord at the under the Charging Handle
  2. Adjust the cord length retainer up to the back of the Charging Handle by pulling the cord through it until the retainer is snug against the back of
    the Charging Handle. Keeping the cord as tight as possible, leave just
    enough cord elasticity to remove the barrel blocking device for firing.
  3. After the cord length is properly adjusted, lock the cord length by tying a knot in the cord against the back of the retainer.
  4. Before and after playing, inspect the barrel blocking device. Replace the barrel blocking device if the device or cord is damaged, or there is a loss of cord elasticity.
  5. Clean the barrel blocking device with plain, warm water and store out of sunlight in a dry area when not in use.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To reduce the chance of an accidental discharge, follow the Unloading Your
Marker and Air/CO2 Cylinder Removal.
• Eye protection must be worn.
• Do not disassemble a marker while it is pressurized with air.
• Do not pressurize a partially assembled marker.
• Follow warnings listed on the air/CO2 cylinder for handling and storage.
• Familiarize yourself with instructions listed on air/CO2 cylinder.
• Contact the air/CO2 cylinder manufacturer with any questions.
• Do not use any petroleum based cleaning solvents.
• Do not use any cleaning solvents that come in aerosol cans.
NOTE: Petroleum based products and aerosol products can damage your marker’s O-Rings.

To clean the exterior of your marker, use a damp towel to wipe off paint, grease, and any debris.

Hopper Fed

To clean inside the barrel, remove the Feed Tube. Unscrew the Locking Cap from the
Feed Tube. Rotate the Feed Tube out to remove it from the marker. Insert the squeegee
into the breech. Pull squeegee through the barrel to remove paint or debris.

Magazine Fed

To clean inside the barrel, remove the Magazine. Insert the squeegee into the breech going through the Magazine well. Pull squeegee through the barrel to remove paint or debris.

Mag Cleaning

1. Clean the outside of the magazine with a soft cloth
moistened with clean water. Do not use chemicals on
the magazine.
2. Make sure the spring mechanism is NOT compressed.
3. The magazine has a removable lower half. To remove
the lower half, remove the lower screw; this allows
the ball piston and spring assembly to be removed as
shown at right.
4. The remaining magazine assembly may be
disassembled if desired. Refer to instructions below.
5. To reassemble do these steps in reverse. Place the
spring and ball piston into magazine fi rst, then assemble
the lower panel back into place. Secure with the screw removed in step 3.

Magazine Lubrication

There is a small hole by the magazine detent latch located on
the magazine. A single drop of oil will ensure spring does not
corrode. This spring is plated, but if left wet it could corrode, so
we recommend a small application of single oil drop every 25
The spring wind up cord, ball piston, and ratchet wheel is an
assembly. We do not recommend disassembly of these parts.
Note that the spring is a 3 stage progressive spring to ensure
even pressure and controlled tension as the ball stack releases,
as it moves around the magazine ball channel.

Alternative Barrel Cleaning method

You can also remove the barrel to pull the squeegee through it. There’s a lot of paintballing fans and players out there who’ve been using the Tippmann TMC Paintball Marker for five or more years without any major problems. You can also remove the barrel to pull the squeegee through it.

Dimensions and Specs

Caliber: .68 inch
Action: Open Bolt Blow Back Valve System
Air Supply: Compressed air, nitrogen, or CO2
Ball Feed: Gravity (Hopper) or 20 round Spring Assisted Magazine
Trigger: Semi-Automatic (Mechanical)
Barrel Length:12 inches / 30.5cm
Length (no air cylinder, stock fully collapsed): 27 inches / 68.5cm
Length (no air cylinder, stock fully extended): 30 inches / 76.2cm
Effective Range: 150+ feet / 46+ meters
Weight (Hopper fed, without air supply cylinder): 3 pounds 15 ounces / 1.785 kilograms
Weight (Magazine fed, without air supply cylinder): 4 pounds / 1.838 kilograms
Finish: Flat Black Powder Coated
Velocity: Adjustable


  • Solid Black in color
  • Includes two 20 round spring driven magazines
  • Tippmann TMC Gun is a reliable and powerful gun. Make sure to fill it with paintball markers before the game starts and you will be firing like a pro. It includes two 20-round spring-driven magazines.
  • Full pneumatic marker
  • Proven high performance in line bolt system
  • Ultra-smooth shooting, ultra-reliable, ultra powerful, Tippmann TMC Paintball Markers are far and away superior to other marker so called ‘competitors.’ Proven through long testing time periods, this line, bolt system ensures that you get an accurate shot every time. And for your safety, these cannons are required to have an anti-chop eye system, which helps ensure that you don’t damage your paintballs by shooting them prematurely
  • Dual feed option: can be hopper or magazine fed
  • Dual feed option: can be hopper or magazine fed. 3 modes of fire: semi-auto, fully-auto, 3-shot burst.

    If you are new to paintball then the Tippmann TMC paintball marker is just for you. It has the option of being hopper fed or magazine fed. It offers 3 modes of fire: semi-auto, fully-auto, and 3-shot burst. The Tippmann TMC paintball marker is the cost-effective way to get on the playing field.

  • Extremely authentic AR look and feel
  • Fully functional charging handle
  • Easy pull trigger
  • Over molded rubber grip
  • 12 inch high performance barrel internal stainless steel gas line front with muzzle break
  • 12 inch high performance barrel internal stainless steel gas line front with muzzle break , .68 caliber, semi-automatic, magazine fed.

    Paintball enthusiasts from all over the world know that Tippmann has been a leading manufacturer of paintball gear for over a decade. With a thin shape and a super-comfortable grip, Tippmann’s TMC paintball marker is a perfect choice for a paintball gun no matter the age or level of experience. This paintball marker can be set to three different firing modes: single fire, three round burst, and full-auto. Plus, the grip can be switched from right handed to left handed to accommodate the needs of any player. With a muzzle break, a high performance barrel, and a magazine-fed system.

  • Bottom mounted asa
  • Internal stainless steel gas line
  • The Tippmann TMC paintball marker is a new second gen marker with a fast gas-operated spool valve design and a stainless steel gas line, making it more exclusive. You’ll be unstoppable on the field with the Tippmann TMC paintball marker!
  • 2 position external selector
  • 5 position collapsible stock
  • Durable aluminum receiver
  • Tippmann TMC Paintball Marker is a durable aluminum receiver. It features a polished, anodized finish to ensure ball velocity. The sleek hairline design is easy to grip and keeps you comfortable for your whole game. It’s size also makes it perfect for use in your home. Despite the compact receiver, the Tippmann TMC Paintball Marker still has stealthy, long range potential for unfailingly accurate shots.
  • Front and rear adjustable sights
  • The Tippmann TMC Paintball Marker has everything fit for a paintball enthusiast that ever was. It’s sleek look, its adjustable sights, the variety of color schemes that it can be bought in, and so much more. Everyone needs this, because it’s the epitome of paintball markers.

    Beginners, advanced players, veterans, street players, they’ve all found something good in the TMC. It’s lightweight, it’s durable, it shoots fast, and it looks cool. For the player that is just getting into the game, this is one of the best brands. For the players that want to take their game to the next level, this is the marker to use. For the player that is just playing for fun, this is the perfect way to express yourself. There is no wrong answer when it comes to this.

  • Integrated sling mounts
  • Equipped with sling mounts, it is safe to assume that this is a Tippmann marker. This specific model is excellent for those gunners that want to take their marker on the go. Whether on the streets or on the battlefield, the Tippmann TMC Paintball Marker can safely ride along without being a problem. Whether it be a machine gun or a grenade launcher, there is a way to attach them onto your machine. You can stop worrying about your machine’s stability
  • AR 15 style shroud with built in 4 sided picatinny rails


History of Tippmann

The first version of the TMC was first released in 2016. There are two color options, black on black, and black with tan. The Tippmann TMC Paintball Marker is an upgrade on their classic Tippmann Cronus. It’s the most popular paintball gun since it’s cheaper than high-end setups yet still performs like the best on the market.

The TMC is great for beginner level players because it is much cheaper than the high-end setups yet performs like it. It is also great for intermediate players because it is easy to upgrade and customize to your personal style.

Compatible Products

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Empire EVS Goggle System [Grey/Black]



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