VForce Grill Goggles with Anti-Fog Lens 2022 [White]


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The VForce Grill SE shown in the Headstamp print is awesome looking! Each one of these is slightly different due to the printing process and they come with two lenses. The VForce Grill is an innovative, bold and unique paintball mask. The VForce Grill Paintball Mask Vision System is the first choice of Pro Paintball Players and Big Gamers world wide. The VForce Grill goggle is top notch and loaded with revolutionary features such as its unique spherical 3D contoured lens, Foam Swap and Quick-Change Lens System. VForce Grill looks like no other and is in a class by itself.

This Special Edition (SE) mask comes with the HDR Quicksilver lens and an extra Clear lens both of which are dual pane thermal. Two lenses included. These are a limited production item.

VForce Grill Design Technology

  • Cutting Edge, industry leading Thermo Cured Anti Fog and Anti Scratch lenses with unbeatable distortion free optics.
  • The Empire E-flex goggle system comes with an unbeatable line of traits: cutting edge Thermo Curved Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog lenses and distortion-free optics. These goggles are also designed to be extremely durable and fits like a like a football helmet. With protected temples and a protected shield edge, these goggles can protect your forehead and face from an early grave.
  • Sleek spherical lenses, with an aggressive low-profile. Sunglass inspired 3D lens shape allows for unrestricted peripheral vision.
  • Hard Target Design for an ultra low profile aimed to further reduce the target zone enable a super-tight play and gives players an intense look.
  • The VForce Grill Goggles is the ultimate goggle; they are anti-fog, anti-scratch, and has an easy flex fit. The goggles are in extreme low profile that will leave their opponent aiming in the wrong place!
  • Maximum Bounce due to the Full-Flex Pro Grill, a center face soft rubber area that maximizes bounce factor and unmatched comfort.
  • The Empire Flex Goggle System is the most advanced frame system on the market today. The complete frame offers maximum bounce due to the Full-Flex Pro Grill, a center face soft rubber area that maximizes bounce factor and unmatched comfort. The thin Soft Touch Foam inside the frame with edge protective cushioned “edge wing” supports will not only ensure your most comfortable wear, but will also make sure the scope lens caps are always lifted away from the eyes for clear vision. If you ‘re looking for an elite goggle that is customized to the needs of every player, it’s time for you to upgrade your game with the Empire Flex Goggle System.

    So now that you know the Empire Flex Goggle System from VForce is a high performance, longlasting system, contact VForce today and let them know you’re ready to make the switch for a better goggle.

Quick change convenience features

  • QuickChange ClickDry Foam System, for a fresh dry foam in a snap.
  • Quick Change lens, for super-fast interchangeability service during time outs.
  • QuickChange Strap.

In-Play convenience features

  • Feather Weight Comfort. Ultra-lightweight design for unrestricted movement.
  • Fast-drying super soft Dual Density Foam.
  • Comfort Chin Strap for better stability during fast games.
  • Pro Visor for increased lens protection in sunny or rainy conditions.
  • Adapt to any light condition with optional HDR lenses available in an array of different colors.

“What’s in the box?!?” – Brad Pitt

  • Installed HDR Quicksilver Dual-Pane Thermal Lens and silicone strap.
  • Extra Clear thermal lens
  • 1 visor with the required installation o-rings.
  • 1 Chin strap.
  • Instructions manual.


Your VForce Grill mask comes with a polycarbonate Dual Pane Thermal lens treated with scratch-resistant coating.

CLEANING the VForce Grill

  • Clean your lens within two hours of any contact with paintball fills or residues. Remove the lens from the mask to ensure that all surfaces of the lens and the mask are thoroughly cleaned with clean water.


  • Use only clean warm water to clean the lens. DO NOT USE any other products or cleaners, as they could contain substances that may damage or weaken the lens, or reduce the Anti-Fog effect. Change the lens if it has come in contact with chemical products or fumes.


  • To dry the lens, simply air dry, or use a clean soft cloth or micro-fiber on the outside of the lens. DO NOT RUB THE INSIDE OF THE LENS. DO NOT USE  substances that could scratch or dull the lens, like newspaper, paper towels or clothing. It is normal for the anti-fog coating on the inside surface to go through a tacky phase while drying. To dry this surface, blot with a soft clean cloth and let it dry. Do not rub the inside, as it will streak, and you will have to begin again.


Despite the longest-lasting ThermoCured™ Anti-Fog process available, over time the unit-fog process available, over time the anti-fog treatment may lose its effectiveness.  When this happens, only use the VForce Grill Anti-Fog solution. Do not use any other products, since it could weaken or damage the lens.


Lens Removal

Check the lens before and after each use. Replace the lens after one year of use, even if it seems to be intact. Replace the lens immediately if it shows cracks or if it has received a  direct impact from a ball shot from a distance of fewer than 10 feet 

1. Unclip the Strap by pressing on both sides of the Clip.

2. Lift the Lock Clip free of the Frame.

3. Press the tabs on the sides of the Lens to remove them from the Frame.

4. Push the Lens out of the Frame.


1. Insert the Lens and secure each tab of the Lens into the Frame.

2. Place the Lock Clips back into the Mask under the Lens tabs, marked L for left, R for right.

3. Push the Strap Clip through the loop in the Soft Ear and securely into the Lock Clip.


1. The Upper and Lower Foam Holders are attached to the Frame using a post-and-hole system.

2. Grip the Upper Foam Holder and pull it away from the  Frame and then repeat with the Lower Foam Holder.


1. Match the shape of the Lower Foam  Holder to the lower section of the Frame and align the posts with the holes.

2. Completely press each post into the corresponding hole and then repeat with the Upper Foam Holder


1. Align the posts of the Visor with the holes in the Frame.

2. Completely press each post into the corresponding hole.


1. Press the upper tab

2. Pivot and pull in the same motion

3. Remove the strap

4. Clip the strap back


Lens Guide for VForce Grill

Smoked Lens– Darker, Improved vision on a bright day

Yellow– For cloudy and overcast days. Good for games in the woods

HD/copper – For cloudy and overcast. Higher quality

Mirrored– Similar to smoked, but darker

Lens depends on the climate and where you are playing.

VForce Grill Features:

  • Quick Change
  • Click Dry Foam System
  • Revolutionary foam-swap system for fresh, dry foam in a snap!
  • Quick Change™ Dual Pane Thermal Lens.
  • Quick Change™  Strap.
  • Ultra-lightweight construction for unrestricted movement.
  • Pro Visor providing increased protection for sunny or rainy conditions.
  • Silicone Head Strap and comfort Chin Strap for increased stability and a faster game!
  • The Empire E-Flex Goggle System is a patented spring loaded system with anti-mist vents and ProGrill, which is soft rubber around the center of the mask’s face. This maximizes its bounce factor and prevents goggles from fogging up. The perfect goggle system for any skier who wants the ultimate security and punch of the face they deserve!
  • Carry Bag included for lens protection and storage.
  • Full-Flex ProGrill – center face soft rubber area to maximize bounce factor.
  • Ultra low profile design to further reduce the target zone.
  • Industry leading Dual Pane Thermal Lenses with AntiScratch coating providing unbeatable distortion-free optics
  • Spherical Lens shape for increased peripheral vision Aftermarket High Definition Refractive Lens for zero glare and reduced UV available in varied colors.
  • Spherical Lens shape for increased clarity and peripheral vision Aftermarket High Definition Refractive Lens and Clear, Scratch-Resistant Polycarbonate for zero glare and reduced UV-waves Protecting eyewear from intermittent contact with the race wall Varied color choices With our vast selection of lens colors available at a variety of price points, we offer a goggle system with your vision in mind. We want you to be able to focus on maintaining a perfect goggle
  • Universal Lens – same lens system as original Grill.
  • New Visor Design – Easier and faster snap-in system
  • This new system has the convenience of an easier and faster snap-in system. The new system is perfect for players looking for more options on achieving the best degree of competition-grade protection. Excellent for advanced, newer, or former players and athletes that are looking for a new and high-quality product.
  • Flexsoft Ears – For increased comfort
  • The VForce Grill is an adjustable goggle system with FlexSoft ear pieces to relieve pressure from your head. There are two sizes of soft earpieces, width, and height, to make the perfect fit.
  • Redesigned Venting – For breathability and clearer communication
  • The VForce Grill is a one-stop-shop for all your sweaty needs, with perdurable ventilation that’ll keep you feeling fresh AF. There’s a telescoping goggle system, with a smudge-free lens, and removable lenses to swap them out when needed.

    With the deep tint lens, you can be out in the sun all day without worrying about the sun glazing your eyes. What are you waiting for? Get yourself the VForce Grill Goggles today.


VForce Grill Compatible Products

  1. Empire Resurrection Autococker [Dust Black]
  2. Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol [Black]
  3. Empire Super Freak Kit [Cocker Threads]


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