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 With all the advanced loaders coming out in the last couple of years, players have wondered where hopper technology can go from here? And as always when dealing with next-generation problems and solutions, Virtue Paintball has taken it upon itself to advance and innovate the newest loader to hit the market. The Virtue Spire 200 is the razors edge in loader technology with a shot activated sensor, jam proof feeding system, and a tool less design that can be taken apart and reassembled in seconds.

The Virtue Spire 200 takes the great improvements of the last few years and polishes them to a sheen while also redesigning what has not worked and making it much better. Virtue knows how to make a great product. That’s why you can never go wrong buying one of their products!

Built from the hard work of the Spire IR With an Intelligent Shot Activated G Force sensor, the Spire sits at the top with the fastest feeding loaders in paintball, but speed does not count for much unless a hopper can also feed reliably without jams, disassembly feeds super fragile paint ultra fast.

Spring Loaded Anti Jam Paddle

The Spring Loaded Anti Jam Paddle seamlessly prevents jams by sliding underneath and pushing jams out of the way before a pause in feeding occurs. Play with a smaller profile thanks to the vertically stacked gearbox and the unique angular shape of the Spire.

By housing the gearbox in a vertical stack inside of the Spire Drive™, the Virtue Spire 200 has the lowest height and narrowest front profile in paintball. Not only that, but the Spire’s True 200™ rating is not just an optimistic product description the Spire actually holds 200+ paintballs.

Changing batteries, cleaning the hopper, and most importantly, putting it all back together again was never so easy.

Slide Lock Quick Release

The Slide Lock Quick Release allows the back shell to be removed in less time than it takes to read this sentence. From there, all of the Virtue Spire 200 internals are mounted on an internal tray, which is quickly removed with the slide of the convenient Tray Release Tab.

The Spire front and bottom shells are made of rugged glass filled nylon, while the back shell is made from impact modified lexan. Never start a game with less than a full loader, and stop wasting precious time opening the lid to see how much paint is left during crucial moments.

A translucent backshell allows the shooter to quickly view paint levels in a single glance, without revealing how much paint is in the loader to everyone else. And if your gun can shoot it, the Spire’s Flex Cycle will feed it. The Flex Cycle’s rubber arms have a soft touch, which feeds brittle paint with ease. The Spire has been tested successfully on high end tournament paints so brittle they break when dropped from knee height!

Reload with ease thanks to the extra large wide mouth lid. Breathe a sigh of relief with the simple “on/off” operation, featuring self optimizing motor logic. This means more time playing on the field without fiddling with settings. But die hard tweakers do not worry, as the Spire still has some adjustable settings for those who prefer to tinker.


The Spire Crown2 comes with its own built in hinged lid for easy bag reloading in the pits with a secure snap fit. When those rain clouds make an appearance, the Spire Crown2 Quick Release back shell allows for changing back and forth from Speed Feed to Lid in mere seconds. Blows leading competitors out of the water.

Dimensions and Tech Specs

Capacity: 200+

LENGTH: 9 inches

WIDTH: 4 inches

HEIGHT: 4 inches

WEIGHT: 16.5oz

History of Virtue and Virtue Spire 200

Virtue started in 2004. The first version of Virtue Spire 200 was released in 2012. The goal for the Spire 200 was to create a loader that was jam proof and could hold more paintballs than any loader on the market.

Virtue knew! The more paintballs in the loader then the less time spent loading. People do not want to spend time loading paintballs. The time spent loading paintballs is time spent not hitting the enemy. as well as, the time you could get hit. 

They wanted anyone to be able to use and fix the loader. This is why they made the Virtue Spire 200 tool less. Anyone from a beginner to a pro can fix a problem right away! If it takes a long time to fix any issues then it does not matter how fast the loader is. You’ll end up on the floor getting hit by many many paintballs. That’s what makes the tool less feature great! No problem will take too long to fix!

Which exactly why the Virtue Spire 200 became popular. Professional paintball players started it use it in their matches. They started to play better and win. Since their loader was bigger they spent more time shooting, less time playing defense. Defense does not win games, shooting does!

Professional paintball players using and winning with the Virtue Spire 200 was validation. If it helped the pros then it could for sure help the everyday paintball player. Every game or tournament won with a Virtue Spire 200 was valued added to the product. It especially proved that it was better than other loaders. If other loaders were better then those players would be winning the tournaments!


Since the Virtue Spire 200 came in 2012 things have changed. The world has changed. The Virtue Spire 200 has changed too. They are now water-resistance. Do not ever worry about playing in a different condition. The Virtue Spire 200 has an internal cushion that prevents water damage! The shell will not get damaged! As well as, internal electronics. The Spire 200 can handle any condition.

It is like the post office nor rain, nor sleet, nor snow! The loader can handle it! The mouth is now wider. People have an easier time loading paintballs with this model. This means they can spend less time loading and not having to worry about lining everything up.

With the transparent back shell, no one knows how many paintballs you have left, only you. They will not start attacking you because they see you only have 10% of your loader left! Wait for people to have to reload then that’s when you come in with your full loader and dominate everyone!

The Virtue Spire 200 Sorting Drive helps to make sure the paintballs get fed properly and do not get stuck in the loader. This prevents the likelihood of a ball getting broken in the barrel of a marker. There is a chance that a broken ball could damage a marker too. At the very least, you would have to spend time cleaning the barrel.

If the break happens on the field then you have to stop having fun to fix the Virtue Spire 200. Buying a good loader is like an investment or protecting an investment. You buy the marker and buying a good loader protects the marker from getting damaged! If the marker breaks then you have to take the time to find the right one. Just buy a good loader, save time!

All the settings on the Virtue Spire 200 are adjustable. Players can make the speaker, LED lights, and sensitivity to their liking. They can be adjustable to fit the climate of the game too. If someone is playing in a glow-in-dark game you do not want a bright light giving away your position 24/7. Change the setting for the game you are playing.

The fun in paintball is shooting the paintballs, not loading them. Spend less time loading, more time shooting!

Battery Installation

  1. Remove back shell from the spire by unlocking the back lock, pressing the lock, and rotating the back shell away
  2. Remove body tray from shell
  3. Open velcro strip covering the battery slots and insert 3 AA batteries. Following markings on the bottom of the holder for correct polarity alignment. Tighten velcro over the batteries to ensure they do not come loose during playing.
  4. Insert body tray back into the loader and push down until the black lock clicks into the locked position.
  5. Insert back shell by aligning front onto top shell and pressing down into place. Move lock button down to locked position

Programming Modes

There are five settings that can be changed in the Virtue Spire 200 software as well as a factory reset option. The settings are changed through the programming mode which can be accessed by turning the Virtue Spire 200 on while pressing the LED cover simultaneously and then releasing the LED cover again.

The LED will cycle through a rainbow of colors. The LED will stop on purple indicating you are now in the first programming setting. Tapping the LED cover will toggle and then let go.

The LED will flash the number of times the current value is set to. When the LED stops flashing you then have 3 seconds to enter the new value you have entered and then flash the rainbow of colors, returning to the color you have adjusted indicating that the new value has been saved.

To exit the programming mode turn the Virtue Spire 200 off by pressing the on/off button.

1. Sound- Values 1-2 (default 1), color purple

This setting allows you to turn the sound feature on and off. 

2. LED- Values 1-2 (default 1), color green

This setting allows you to turn the LED off. This can be useful for example when playing night games

3. Standby Mode- Values 1-2, (default 2), color blue

This setting allows you to turn the standby mode on and off. Setting 1 is ON, Setting 2 is OFF.

Turning the standby mode ON will increase battery life.

4. G- Force Sensitivity- Values 1-5 (default 3), color red

Do not adjust this setting unless there is a problem with your Virtue Spire 200, and you have already removed and cleaned the Spire Drive and are sure you have good batteries.

This setting allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the G-force sensor. Setting 1 is the least sensitive and setting 5 is the most sensitive. If the spire does not detect the recoil of your marker, for example when playing at very low velocities, you can raise the sensitivity.

If the spireis spinning too much causing pop-corning, you can lower the sensitivity. Please note, too high of a sensitivity can cause unwanted pop-corning, and too low of a sensitivity can cause the loader not to detect shots. It is only recommended to adjust this setting if absolutely needed.

5. Drive Pressure: Values 1-5 (default 2), color yellow

Do not adjust this setting unless there is a problem with your Spire and you have already removed and cleaned the Spire Drive and are sure you have good batteries

This setting allows you to adjust the Drive Pressure. If the spire stops spinning before the balls stack is full, you can raise this setting. Please note too high of a setting can cause unwanted popcorning, and too low of a setting can cause the spire to stop spinning too soon.

Disassembly and Assembly

Remove and Install Body Tray

After removing the back shell move the gray locking tab forward and pull the body tray up away from shell assembly.

When re-installing the body tray point the front of the tray down into the shell as you push it forward. The bottom shell will guide the tray into position. When correctly installed, the tabs located on the front tray must be under the front support at the tip of the loader.


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