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The Dye DM9 paintball gun is a newer model that features internal eyes and lighter weight. It also runs at lower pressure than previous models, allowing for more efficient paintball spraying. There are six colors to choose from. This is a great gun for those who enjoy playing competitive paintball.

On/Off ASA

The Dye DM9 On/Off Adapter is a very useful marker that has a clamping feed neck. This device has an ASA thread in the body that accepts input from a regulator or tank. The thread cap has a set of 9 holes in it, and the thread cap and body are held together by three pins. If a pin breaks or comes loose, it is easy to pull off the thread cap and replace it.

2 Piece Barrel

The Dye DM9 paintball marker features a 2-piece barrel and On/Off ASA. It also comes with a Dye Ltr Loader and a Dye R2 hopper. It also comes with an original case and a pod pack. This paintball marker is currently listed for $289.80 at ANSgear.

If you are new to paintball, you may want to consider purchasing a Dye paintball gun. These guns have low operating pressure and are built to be reliable and provide top-level performance. They are also very affordable. Ansgear also sells Dye paintball guns and paintball equipment.

Dye has been in business for over 26 years. They have refined their precision over the years and have a long track record. The company offers free shipping on most orders. Dye also offers paintballs in a variety of calibers. Their popular M2 and M3 models shoot 68 caliber Zap Sportz paintballs.

The M2 Series paintball gun from Dye is a quiet, fast, and accurate paintball gun. They’re also lightweight and highly accurate. They’re also available in different colors. You can also pick up a Dye DSR+ paintball marker, which comes in a deep blue color.

Ultra Lite 2 Piece Barrel

If you are looking for a high quality, well-made barrel for your paintball marker, you should consider the Ultra Lite 2 piece barrel for the Dye DM9. This barrel is made of aluminum and is light weight. It is also anodized, so you can choose any color to match your gun. The Ultra Lite is a Dye staple barrel for over a decade, and is made with precision for the best accuracy and consistency. These barrels are available in a variety of colors including blue, red, classic black, and clear.

Ollie Lang DM9 o Ring Kit

The Ollie Lang DM9 Paintball Gun is now available in stock. It is an upgraded version of the DYE DM9. Ollie Lang designed this gun to outperform the stock model and raise the bar for professional paintball guns. The DM9 has a number of new features that will make you the class of the field.

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