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The Feed-Neck on the Spyder VS1 Paintball Marker




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Spyder VS1 paintball markers have a feed-neck that’s horrible. The Vibe isn’t bad, but the VS1 is more expensive and will need new parts. I’m considering upgrading to the VS1, but for the moment I’m not sure I can afford it.


The feed-neck on the Spyder VS1 is one of the worst parts of this paintball marker. It needs to be replaced, but the overall performance of the paintball marker is still excellent. The feed-neck is held onto the marker by tabs or holes. The metal feed-neck has to be held into place.

The VS series was released in 2006, aimed at new tournament speedball players. This model features a semi-automatic fire mode and a ported barrel. The VS1’s automatic firing mode is capable of firing up to 25 balls per second. Other notable features include a detachable stock and a mechanical action.

The Spyder Rodeo is a mechanical semi-auto marker with a two-finger trigger and rear cocking. The TL Plus models are similar to the Spyder Rodeo, but with a more compact body and rear cocking. The Spyder ONE/Classic, meanwhile, is a high-performance entry-level mechanical marker with a two-finger trigger. Its features include a reactive response trigger and an inline regulator with a gauge.

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