What to Wear to Paintball

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  • Date: October 19, 2022
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The paintballing outfit is an important part of the experience. It not only protects you, but it also lets you show off your battle scars! Paintball outfits are usually all black and include extra padding for your elbows and forearms. You should also consider wearing a helmet to protect your head. Missy Peregrym models her outfit with confidence.

what to wear to paintball

Avoid wearing black or dark blue to a paintball game

When it comes to attire for a paintball game, you can wear anything but black or dark blue. If you are planning on spending a lot of time on the field, you can wear athletic tights or yoga pants. Also, try to wear clothes that are loose enough to avoid the sting of paintballs.

You can also wear layers to prevent your skin from being bruised by the paintballs. Also, avoid wearing muscle shirts, tank tops, or anything else that will show off your cleavage. Depending on the type of paintball game you’re playing, you can choose to wear BDUs or camouflage clothes to stay protected. While paintball is a lot of fun, it can also be painful if you don’t wear protective gear.

Avoid wearing metal spikes

If you want to play paintball with a realistic look, you should avoid wearing metal spiked shoes. They can be dangerous because they can cause injuries or pop inflatable bunkers. In addition, they are uncomfortable. Instead of wearing metal spikes, wear a rubberized sports cleat.

You should also wear the right shoes for the terrain. Whether you’re playing woodsball or scenario, you’ll need to wear a sturdy pair of shoes with adequate tread and ankle support. You should also avoid wearing open-toe sandals and metal spikes. In addition to wearing good footwear, you should wear a baseball cap or beanie to protect your face and head.

Another important safety tip is to wear layers of clothing. This way, you can absorb more of the impact from the paintballs. Moreover, layers of clothing will allow you to protect your arms and legs from being sprayed with paint. Additionally, you should also wear multiple pairs of socks. Changing socks during the game will help you stay dry.

Avoid wearing low-top sneakers

When playing paintball, it’s important to wear comfortable clothing. You don’t want to be stumbling over your equipment. Wear shoes with good tread and ankle support. Hiking boots and running shoes work well. Some players even wear combat boots. Although these aren’t a necessity, they can enhance the realism of the sport. Also, if you’re planning to wear shoes with laces, avoid those with too tight a fit.

In addition to comfortable shoes, you should wear clothing that will protect your ankles. Low-top sneakers and open-toed shoes aren’t appropriate. Make sure to wear long pants and sturdy shoes. The paint will wash out of most clothing, although some bright-colored paint fills might stain light-colored clothing.

Avoid wearing track pants

While you may be tempted to wear track pants to paintball games, you should really avoid it. While the loose fit of track pants can be comfortable, it will not provide much protection. Moreover, the heat emitted by paintball will quickly get inside your pants. Thus, you should wear a light-colored pair of pants. In addition, make sure you wear comfortable shoes. It is not advisable to wear sandals while playing paintball.

To prevent an ankle injury, wear shoes with good tread. It will help you walk across the arena without stress. Choose shoes that are close-toed, as high-platform shoes can roll your ankle.

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