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What’s the Fastest Paintball Gun?




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When comparing paintball guns, speed is key. Paintballs are not softer than a pebble, and a paintball gun should be able to deliver them quickly. Paintballs also break upon impact, so they’re not soft to the touch. However, the paintball gun is designed in such a way that the ball falls into the barrel. The barrel is filled with compressed gas, and the pressure that is built up inside is released through the end.

Valken M17

The Valken M17 is a powerful paintball marker that can shoot up to 20 balls per second in full auto mode. It is made of stainless steel and has a high-quality finish. It also features a stainless steel gas line. It also has a pressure release valve and adjustable buttstock. This paintball gun was designed by paintball players, for paintball players.

This paintball gun is priced competitively at under $300. Its design is simple and straightforward. It is also easy to field strip, and its two take-down pins make field stripping quick and easy. It can also be customized to be exactly the way you like it.

Tippmann TMC

If you’re looking for a paintball gun that offers superior performance, durability, and affordability, the Tippmann TMC is an excellent choice. The TMC is easy to use and maintain, and its 20-round magazines and reload system make it very convenient. It also works well with shaped paintballs, which can improve accuracy.

It’s also fast. The TMC can fire over 30 paintballs per second. It also uses a compressed air system to deliver reliable power to the paint. It can be upgraded to accommodate more paintballs, including First Strike paintballs. But the TMC isn’t the only Tippmann paintball gun available.

It is also fairly inexpensive – around $250. However, it’s not ideal for pistol-style play. It’s not as fast as a sidearm or a revolver, and its 8-shot magazine can limit your field use. On the plus side, it has a Picatinny rail, which lets you attach attachments to it.

Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R

The Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R paint ball gun is a great choice for competitive play. It has many great features, including a lightweight, two-piece 14.5″ Shaft 5 barrel. Combined with the Gamma Core Drivetrain, the barrel delivers highly accurate shots. It is also capable of feeding tournament-grade paint.

This paintball gun comes with a one-year limited warranty. In the event that something should go wrong with your gun, you can get it repaired for free at an authorized Planet reseller. This mid-range paintball gun also features a lightweight aluminum frame and several cool accessories. It also comes with a Gamma Core drive train, which improves accuracy and maintains efficiency throughout firing.

The Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R has upgraded features compared to its predecessor, the GTEK 160R. The trigger is smooth and the gun has more range than the original. It is lightweight and durable, making it an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate players alike. The new Gamma Core drivetrain is also quiet and helps the paintball gun shoot accurately in all types of conditions.

Dye M3+

The Dye M3+ paintball gun is the latest flagship model from Dye’s revolutionary Matrix line. It was built with the performance of professional paintball teams in mind. The gun features a large OLED screen to provide information about the marker, as well as an Internal Pressure Sensor for accurate readings of operating pressure. The M3+ also boasts traditional Dye gun components such as the UL 45 frame, which has a sleek hour glass shape.

Another major upgrade from the M3 is the UL-S barrel system. It is one of the lightest paintball barrel systems on the market. The M3+ is available with either a 0.684 or 0.688 bore size.

Tippmann TMC MagFed

The Tippmann TMC MagFed is an excellent choice for players who want a paintball gun that delivers a high hit ratio and high accuracy. Its impressive hit ratio and accuracy allow this paintball gun to hit targets at impressive distances. In addition, the Tippmann TMC MagFed is easy to carry and has a collapsible stock for easy storage in tight areas. It is also compatible with a traditional hopper or mag, and can be used with a sling mount for a hands-free carry option.

The Tippmann TMC MagFed is a paintball gun that uses a mag-fed mechanism to fire paintballs at a higher speed. Its realistic design and rugged construction makes it an excellent choice for paintball players. The TMC MagFed is also available with a feedneck attachment.

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