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Why Do Paintballs Expire?




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If you haven’t already noticed, paintballs can expire after a while, or even break. Some brands of paintballs become more fragile as they dry out. In these cases, it’s better to use the paintballs that still work. Other reasons why paintballs expire include dehydration and sun damage.

Silica-gel does not preserve paintballs

Silica-gel is not the best way to preserve paintballs. It can dry them out and make them brittle over time. It is also possible for paintballs to stain certain fabrics. This is why paintballs need proper storage. When they are properly sealed, paintballs can last for a year.

Silica-gel packs are used for various purposes. They can help protect pills and food from becoming sticky. They also prevent moisture from leaking into the packaging. However, these packs do not preserve paintballs and cause them to lose their moisture and break under normal impact.

Sun damage

Paintballs can be stored indoors or outdoors, but they shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight or water. The sun’s rays can degrade the paintball’s shell and cause it to break. This will result in a damaged paintball that can be difficult to repair. The sun’s rays also cause paintballs to dry out and become brittle. To prevent this, you should keep paintballs stored in a cabinet out of direct sunlight.


Paintballs need to be kept dry to ensure their long-term life. Many paintballs come in a plastic container with a lid to prevent moisture from getting in. Unfortunately, some paintballs don’t seal properly, and leaks can occur. If this happens, replace the plastic container with a more tightly fitting one. Some manufacturers also make paintballs with a rubber seal, which helps to prevent moisture from getting inside the container.

The best way to protect paintballs from dehydration is to keep them cool and out of direct sunlight. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage paintball shells, causing them to break and become more fragile. If your paintballs have broken, it can be dangerous to shoot them because the shells are not strong enough to withstand the pressure.

Brittle shells

Paintballs can develop brittle shells when exposed to the sun, humidity, and heat. This makes them more prone to breakage and can lead to dimpling. To prevent this problem, store your paintballs in a cabinet where they won’t be exposed to heat or humidity. You can also make sure they don’t get too wet or dry. The filling of paintballs can also develop problems over time.

Freezing paintballs can reduce the chances of breaking them. As the paint inside begins to dry out, the shell will become brittle. This will make it harder to shoot, and may even lead to a paintball that breaks in your paintball marker. Additionally, paintballs shattered in the barrel can cause paintball guns to break apart and cause damage.

Effect on gun’s internal functions

An expiring paintball will affect the internal functions of a gun in many different ways. First, when you shoot it, you’ll find that the paintballs are no longer in the gun’s chamber. The paintball is released through a long tube, which has side openings. When this happens, the paintball can fall into the barrel. When it hits the barrel, a small spring-loaded latch called a sear will catch it and push it against the hammer. This will prevent the paintball from breaking open.

Expiring paintballs can interfere with the internal functions of a paintball gun, and these paintballs can cost more to replace than new paintballs. Another problem with expired paintballs is that they can damage the gun’s magazine before the rounds get to the barrel. The force applied to the paintballs in a magazine can break a weak round and leave debris scattered throughout the magazine.

Effect on accuracy

When paintballs are thrown, the velocity of the ball is affected by their expiration, which can reduce their accuracy. The Magnus effect and spinning paintballs can also affect their trajectory. As a result, paintballs with corners will have a higher velocity but lower accuracy.

The mass of the object is also an important factor. Moreover, the velocity is the rate at which an object changes its position. This rate of change is reflected in the distance covered. When paintballs are manufactured, there is a seam in the middle. This seam is regarded as a weak spot in the sphere, and it is susceptible to breakage if the object carries enough momentum.

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